Mambo 2002 Content Management System


The latest release of our popular content management system, Mambo 2002 features a new look and feel and some fantastic new additions including new administrator functions, templates and support options.

These include: the ability for the Super Administrator to Check-In any features that have been left checked out by other Administrators, both globally and locally; the page design Templates that allow you to change the look and feel of your site; and the new Image Gallery with the ability to preview images.

We are offering more support with this release, and version 2002 comes with a complete Mambo manual that seeks to answer any Mambo-related questions and queries that you may come across.


There are now 12 customised templates to use as a starting point on your site.

For Administrators, working on your site can be tiresome if it looks the same year-in and year-out, so we created Templates. You now have page design template options to choose from when you are creating your Mambo site.

The templates are of varying colours from the funky to the tame, from the conservative to the avant-garde. These new templates, which are part of Mambo 2002, allow you to change the look and feel of your site as often as you like. These are a basis from which you can begin to design your site, you can then change the design and your images to correspond and colour-coordinate, it's entirely up to you.

Check-IN feature

The Super Administrator can Check-IN any components that have been left Checked-Out by other Administrators both globally and locally.

When other Administrators are editing items within the administration, they become effectively locked so that other Administrators cannot access them. This saves the problem of having two Administrators working on the same thing at the same time and overwriting each other's work.

Generally, when an Administrator is finished working on an item, she/he will click on the Cancel button to return to the lists and the item will be checked back into the application so that it is free for other Administrators to use. If, however, the Administrator does not use the Cancel button, the item will remain checked-out so that only that Administrator can access it. This is the purpose of this 'Check In Items' function.

The Super Administrator has the ability to periodically check back in all the items that may have inadvertently been left checked out in the past. It is also possible to check in items individually; this is done inside specific sections.

New Image Gallery

The Image Gallery features a whole new look and feel.

The Image Gallery has been redesigned so that it is easier to use and more pleasing on the eye. When you click on the Image Gallery button now, you are given various options from Jpeg and GIF to PDF and Flash files. Find an image by clicking on one of these file type icons, or upload a new image file using the Upload button.

The new Image Gallery has a Preview button. Click on this and you will be able to preview the image at full size in a pop-up box, before deciding whether or not you want to use it.

Edit the Administrators

In this new release, it is only the Super Administrator who is able to edit the other Administrators' details.

In previous versions of Mambo, any Administrator is able to edit any other Administrator's details. This has meant that Administrators have the ability to change other Administrators' passwords effectively locking them out of the system, in the worst-case scenario.

To avoid similar problems, in Mambo 2002 it is no longer possible for general Administrators to edit each other's details. They are still able to view the other Administrators details apart from the Super Administrator's but they cannot modify them. The Super Administrator, however, retains the ability to edit all of the other Administrators' details.


The everything-you-need-to-know-but-never-wanted-to-ask (and now you don't have to) Mambo manual.

This tome is the complete Mambo manual, which answers all of your questions from the simplest to the most complicated and is now part of Mambo 2002.

In addition to the support that we will be providing, the Mambo manual features an in-depth look at the screen from all angles, and explains how to get out of any difficulties you may have found yourself in. It is also a good guide to have beside you when you are a Mambo novice.

The manual takes you through each button on the screen, how to find it, what to do with it, and what to do when something is not what it seems. Accompanied by relevant screenshots and helpful advice along the way, the manual is a complete resource for Mambo users. With the introduction of the Mambo manual, there is no excuse for your site to be anything but as sophisticated and fantastic as you want it to be.

Click here for more information about Mambo 2002, including screenshots!


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