1.3 (2001.12.11)

Fixed bug where days="N" would override category="Foo" in <MTEntries> tag. (cwodtke)

Added DBM file locking (shared lock when reading, exclusive when writing).

Export process now exports excerpts, and import now imports them.

When you upload a file, if a file by that name (at that location) already exists, you now get a confirmation screen to overwrite the file, or not. (Requires that File::Temp is installed.)

Added search and replace functionality.

You can now upload files into specific directories beneath the Local Site Path and Local Archive Path.

When reading from DB files, MT::ObjectDriver::DBM will now open the DBM files in read-only mode, rather than read-write mode.

Fixed bug where <$MTInclude$> of a template module would not propagate conditions down to the template module contents; this meant that conditional statements like <MTIfEntryIfExtended> would not work in a template module. Now they do.

Added Javascript ``Remember me'' to default templates (Individual Archive Template and Comment Listing).

Added <$MTBlogHost$> tag, which prints out the host part of the Site URL config setting. For comment cookies.

After uploading a file, in addition to being able to create a new entry with a link to the file/embedded image, you can now just view the HTML that would have been used in that new entry. This is useful when uploading multiple files per entry.

Fixed logout page so username and Logout link are no longer displayed in the navigation bar.

Converting paragraph and line breaks is now set separately for entries and comments. (If you are upgrading, make sure to turn this on for all blogs that you want it on for, because it is a separate setting.)

Added Archive File Templates, which allows you to specify the output file for a particular archive type, using regular MT template tags, allowing better organization of archive directories.

Changed XML RSS default template so that title and excerpt are now HTML-encoded to prevent XML errors.

Introduced four new global tag attributes: encode_html, dirify, lower_case, and upper_case.

In new comment notification email, added a link to the comments on the entry.

Added debug MailTransfer setting, which just writes out the mail message to STDERR.

When emailing comments in mt-comments.cgi, if the user leaving the comment enters an email address, use that for the From: address in the email message.

Reorganized default config file to provide descriptions of config settings, more instructional text, etc.

Added NoTempFiles config file option to turn off use of temp files when writing output files.

Added link to Edit this entry after posting an entry via the bookmarklet.

Noted IE bug (Content-Type override) that can cause export problems.

Added the convert_breaks attribute to the <$MTEntryExcerpt$> tag.

Excerpt is now created on the fly when sending a notification, if you haven't entered an excerpt for an entry.

Fixed List & Edit Entries so that unprivileged authors are not allowed to delete entries.

Added XML-RPC server implementation of the Blogger API.

Added <$MTCommentOrderNumber$> tag.

In mt-check.cgi, added checks for File::Spec, DB_File, LWP::UserAgent, and SOAP::Lite (the last two are optional installs). Also added instructions on installing each of these modules.

Automatically-generated img tags (after uploading images) now contain alt attributes.

Category pulldown in bookmarklet is now sorted alphabetically.

After an entry is deleted, prompt the user to rebuild.

Remove whitespace at the ends of the meta (AUTHOR, TITLE, etc.) lines in the import file when importing.

Improved application code that determines paths to reduce reliance on SCRIPT_NAME environment variable. (Aaron Straup Cope)

Added DBUmask, HTMLUmask, DirUmask, and UploadUmask settings for the mt.cfg file. These are to be used to adjust permissions set on files and directories created by MT. Removed manual chmod calls. (Aaron Straup Cope)

In mt-comments.cgi, check whether an author has an email address saved in his/her profile; if not, don't try to email new comments (this was causing an error No Recipients Found).

Changed default templates so that the popup comments links do not have href="#" onclick=... but are not just href="javascript:...".

In mt-comments.cgi, when redirecting back to the comments popup window after adding a comment, automatically append a slash at the end of CGIPath if no slash is present.

Fixed <$MTCommentAuthor$> and <$MTCommentAuthorLink$> so that they return the empty string (not an error) if no author name is given in the comment, and thus will no longer cause rebuild errors.

Fixed context for <MTEntryNext> and <MTEntryPrevious> containers so that conditional tags (<MTEntryIfExtended>, for example) can be used.

1.2 (2001.11.04)

Fixed bug when system's crypt implementation uses MD5 passwords (MT was not picking up the proper salt). (Monica Reyes)

Added form-validity checking to mt-comments.cgi for checking email address and URL. (Aaron Straup Cope)

Set $CGI::POST_MAX to 1MB, which means that uploads must be 1MB or less, to prevent denial of service attacks. (Aaron Straup Cope)

Added mt-export.cgi, which will export all of your MT entries into a format that can be suitably re-imported through the import mechanism. It is also useful for keeping backups of your entries. Functionality is linked from Import & Export Entries.

Fix bug in mt-comments.cgi where redirect after posting to popup comments would break styles (because redirect was using CGI::url(-base => 1), which is a newer feature in CGI.pm).

Added link to manual (HELP) in topnav.

When images are uploaded, and Popup Image is chosen to create a new entry, an HTML file will be created automatically to enclose the uploaded image, if you have defined an Uploaded Image Popup Template. New template tags <$MTImageURL$>, <$MTImageWidth$>, and <$MTImageHeight$> added for use in the new template. Added a default Uploaded Image Popup Template.

Added template linking functionality; allows users to manage their templates externally from the MT application, and have them automatically sync-ed into the MT database. Thanks to Ron Pacheco for patches and ideas.

Can now import comments from Greymatter.

Can now import to a particular category, either through the CATEGORY key (eg from a system that supports categorization, like NewsPro), or by selecting a default category for all new entries.

Fixed bug where import would create a new author with the same name as an existing author; if an author already exists, now, entries are assigned to the existing author.

Can now import extended entries from Greymatter and keep the extended portion separate from the main blog entry.

Import now handles indentation and leading spaces more robustly.

Fix bug where MTEntryDate inside MTEntryPrevious and MTEntryNext do not refer to the correct entry. (sunpig)

Added movabletype.org recently updated ping functionality for donors.

Added ``Syndicate this site'' link to default index template.

When deleting objects, check to see if we can load the object successfully before trying to call remove on it.

HTML-encode titles of entries on list & edit entries, so that if an entry title contains HTML (eg. an anchor tag), it doesn't break the display.

Added <$MTArchiveCount$> tag: number of entries in a specific archive grouping.

Use timegm_nocheck so that we don't get fatal errors when a date is out of range.

Changed use base to manual setting of @ISA in all libraries to improve compatibility with older perls, where base.pm is not a core install.

Improved error message when Local Site Path or Local Archive Path is unset when doing a rebuild.

Auto-check or -uncheck ``allow comments'' in bookmarklet when selecting a blog, based on the configuration for that blog.

Added <$MTEntryAuthorEmail$>, <$MTEntryAuthorURL$>, and <$MTEntryAuthorLink$> tags.

Added file attribute to the <MTInclude> tag, for pulling in an external file.

Fix JS bug in bookmarklet category selector. (nasty)

Fixed bugs in MTEntries category=``'' and MTInclude module=``'' where, if you have different categories/modules named the same thing across two different blogs, only the first would ever be loaded. (Brad Choate)

Added support for weblogs.com XML-RPC ping. Added blog config option to turn off the ping (it is on by default).

In List & Edit Entries, if an entry does not have a title display the first 22 characters of the entry body, followed by an ellipsis, rather than just displaying [No title].


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