1.1 (2001.10.22)

Made <$MTDate$> work as a ``system date'', or the current date/time at which the page is being rebuilt.

Added Pragma: no-cache header to keep Opera from caching pages. (Jay)

Changed default templates to use iso-8859-1 (Latin 1) encoding instead of utf-8.

Added Blog Configuration option for the number of words in an auto-generated excerpt.

Added comment previewing, using the new Comment Preview template. Default templates now ship with comment previewing enabled, and the comments links on the main index automatically link to the popup comments; the individual entry template contains a static version of the comments.

Deleting an entry will now delete all of the comments associated with that entry.

Made bookmarklet windows customizable by selecting whether users want to include category, excerpt, etc.

Ran all scripts with taint mode on (-T), and fixed all warnings and errors. Thanks to dchase for the patches.

Added Nickname field to author record, along with new MTEntryAuthorNickname tag to display it. This allows having a different name for display than for login.

Fixed file corruption bug when uploading files on Win32 machines; needed to use binmode. (sunpig)

Support for custom, user-created template modules, which can be included using the new MTInclude tag. (Christina Wodtke and many others)

Modified CGI scripts to get their full path from $0, and use that plus lib and extlib and the @INC directories, along with specifying the full path to mt.cfg. This should improve out-of-box compatibility with IIS.

Fixed bug where MTArchiveList above MTEntries on an archive template would cause the MTEntries to display just the most recent list of entries. (notfully)

When logging out, we set a cookie with an expiration date in the past; increased the amount of time in ``the past'' from 1 day to 1 year. (Laura)

Added MTDateFooter container tag. (silvercube)

Fixed bug with MTDateHeader not being output when posts from the same day but different months were one after the other (eg. a post from November 11, then a post from October 11). (hellgren)

Moved default templates into lib/MT/default-templates.pl, so that they can be loaded by multiple scripts/libraries. Changed mt-load.cgi to read templates from here, and also changed blog creation to install default templates in every new blog.

Added support for sending mail through SMTP, using Mail::Sendmail; broke out mail-sending stuff into MT::Mail. (Bill Turner)

Fixed bookmarklet bug where trying to bookmarklet a page with ampersands ('&') in the URL would chop off everything after the ampersand. (nasty)

Fixed MT::App::redirect so that it redirects to a full URL (including the host name and protocol), which fixes a problem on IIS. Also fixed redirects in mt-comments.cgi. (Matt Haughey)

Added 'title' attributes to all icons in left mininav, and now set window.status with appropriate tips for each icon.

Fix bug with stashed entries staying around after building archive lists. The symptom is that the lastn="N" attribute was not working properly. (Philip Winn)

Documentation fixes (typos, etc.). (Cory Preus)

Fixed Edit Categories screen when category labels have quotes in them; this was causing the labels to show up blank; they needed to be HTML-encoded. (Jenn Redwolf)

Fixed ``attempt to use unitialized value as ARRAY reference'' error when sending a notification without setting up any notification addresses. (Christina Wodtke)

Clarified that you must remove indentation from Blogger/Greymatter/NewsPro export templates when pasting.

Added appropriate context for MTArchiveDate tag outside of MTEntries context, on Date-Based Archive Template; added context for MTArchiveCategory tag outside of MTEntries context, on Category Archive Template. (Christina Wodtke)

Fixed TMPL_INCLUDEs on WinNT by giving HTML::Template the path to the tmpl/cms directory. (Bill Turner, Axel Kollmorgen)

1.00 (2001.10.08)

First public release.

Improved diagnostics for some default-template-related, rebuild-related error messages. (Christina Wodtke)

Added ``Creating a new blog'' instructions to manual, and link to this section of the manual when creating a new blog. (Christina Wodtke)

Added MTEntryPrevious and MTEntryNext containers to refer to the previous and next entries, respectively. These tags should work in any entry context. (Christina Wodtke)

Tried to make install doc a little clearer by moving some Unix-specific stuff down into ADDITIONAL NOTES.

Added (?) help prompts that point to relevant sections of the manual; added some blog configuration option docs to the manual.

Improved layout of notification messages.

0.10 (2001.10.06)

Added the &lt;$MTCGIPath&gt; tag and the CGIPath config file setting for easy linking to your MT CGI scripts.

Added a config setting for setting the default value of the ``Status'' field on the create an entry page; so you can set it to Release if you always want it set to Release by default. (Christina Wodtke)

Added an ``allow anonymous comments?'' config option; if set, no checking is done to determine if the visitor making the comment has provided an email address and author name. If unset, both author name and email address are required. (Christina Wodtke)

In the edit entry screen, if a comment author has not provided a name, there was no way to get to the editing screen for that comment; so now, [No author] is displayed if there is no author name.

Added an archive_type attribute to the MTEntryLink tag; this allows you to create a link to an entry's archive page other than the preferred archive type. The default behavior is still to link to the archive page for the preferred archive type. (Christina Wodtke)

Transform carriage returns into <br> tags when Convert Paragraph and Line Breaks is on. (Adam Wood)

0.09 (2001.10.06)

Improved look and functionality of default templates; also added default templates for all archive types.

Set more default options when creating a new blog or editing 'First Blog'.

Added instructions for exporting NewsPro entries into the correct format; thanks to Jeremy W for sending along the instructions, which are now in the manual.

Added author attribute to MTEntries tag, so you can grab all of the posts by a particular author (can also be combined with category and lastn). (Jeremy W)

In comment notifications, the text between the brackets is now the name of the blog, not Movable Type.

Added alt tags to the images in the mininav. (Matt Haughey)

Fixed a bug in mt-comments.cgi that made it select the wrong comments listing template (ie. one from a different blog).

Added a Status pulldown to the bookmarklet popup so that authors can post HOLD items (rather than having everything RELEASE), if they wish.

Fixed a bug in tag argument parsing with a string like foo=``bar's baz''; the single quote would end the double quote, which would lead to foo having a value of bar (and not bar's baz like it should).

Fixed allow_comments_default setting of allow comments box on new entries. (Christina Wodtke)

Alphabetize category list in edit categories, and in pulldown menu on edit entry/create new entry screen. (Adam Gerstein)

Sort comments in edit-editing screen by created on date, in descending order.

Fixed a bug in mt-load.cgi. Also, added IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS to mt-load.cgi to delete it after running it the first time. Failure to delete it is a security risk, because someone else could then run it (conceivably).

Added index.html to the distribution, which is just a simple 404 page, which prevents people from doing the directory listing.

Added error checking to mt-add-notify.cgi.

0.08 (2001.10.03)

Added mininav to left side of all system pages (once you have selected a blog to edit, that is). Items in nav are dependent upon permissions, of course. (Josh Buchanan)

Added activity log; currently it records logins, logouts, unsuccessful authentications/password recoveries, etc. because that seems most useful from a system maintenance perspective.

Added ability to rebuild just a single set of pages from a particular archive type, eg. all Weekly archives. Also, split up ``Rebuild all files'' so that it rebuilds in steps: Individual => Daily => Weekly, etc. This should lessen the load of any one rebuild.

Fixed bug with weekday names (%A date format template) not displaying properly on some systems. (Jeremy W)

Fixed bug with MTArchiveList when a Preferred Archive Type has not been set. (Jeremy W)

Fixed MTEntries so that you can specify both lastn and category, and it will display the last N entries in that category. (Daniel Talsky, Jeremy W)

Some changes to widths of textareas in bookmarklet and edit/create entry screens, and to width of pulldown menu for category.

Changed look of ``Your existing blogs'' items: upper-case blog name, add bullet. (Matt Haughey)

0.07 (2001.10.02)

Added uniqueness validation on author name; you can no longer create two authors with the same name, nor change your author name in your profile to the name of another author.

Rebuild popup now lets you rebuild just your indexes (index templates), if desired.

Added a View Site link to the ``rebuilt'' page, so you can view the site right after rebuilding.

Made all REBUILD links in status messages a link to the rebuild popup window, but only if the user has rebuild permissions.

mt-comments.cgi now rebuilds all entry archives after adding a new comment, even when using popup window comments.

Changed format of weekly archive page names so as not to clash with daily archive pages; weekly archive pages are now called week_YYYY_MM_DD.html (they used to be just YYYY_MM_DD.html).

Changed format of category archive page names so as not to just use category IDs; new format is lower-case munged version of category name (remove all non-alphanumeric characters, change spaces to underscores, and consecutive underscores to one single underscore). For example: Fun & Games gets translated to fun_games.html.

Improved error messages when using a template tag out of context; for example, using a MTEntryTitle tag outside of an MTEntries container on an index/date-based/category template (it is legal on an individual entry template, because the entire template is in entry context). (Sara Flemming)

Added a No archives option to the Preferred Archive Type pulldown on the Edit blog configuration screen; the lack of such an option, combined with the Javascript validation, made it effectively possible to disable archiving for a blog.

0.06 (2001.10.01)

Fixed the built-in RSS template so that it validates with RSS version 0.91.

Fixed bug with previewing entry introduced by convert paragraph breaks option and code. (Adam Gerstein, Sara Flemming, Matt Haughey, Jeremy W)

Check that version of installed HTML::Template is greater than 2, because we need certain features that were only added later on. (TW Walsh)

Actually include mt-import.cgi in the distribution this time. (Caroline van Oosten de Boer)

Fixed a bug where the conditional settings for MTEntryIfAllowComments and MTEntryIfExtended tags would not be picked up properly on Individual Archive Templates.

Need to HTML-encode all ampersands before displaying in editing boxes; this prevents the browser from turning &nbsp; in a textarea into an actual non-breaking space, for example.

In the Blog editing menu, fixed the Edit blog configuration icon link; it was different than the text link, and it was incorrect, and caused an error saying ``No permissions''. (Adam Gerstein)

0.05 (2001.09.30)

Added mt-import.cgi, which imports blog entries from either Blogger or Greymatter (or, for that matter, any system that can get the entries into the right format) into Movable Type. Also added an import interface through the main Movable Type interface, and docs for importing to the manual.

Fixed bug with MTDateHeader contents actually appearing before the start of the <MTEntries> contents, each time through the loop. (Daniel Talsky)

Added a ``Convert paragraph breaks'' option to specify whether paragraphs should be enclosed within <p> and </p> tags. (Matt Haughey)

Added some Troubleshooting docs to the manual, as well as information about setting up the db directory outside of the webroot.

After saving a template, users will ``rebuild files'' permissions will now be able to rebuild files from the ``template saved'' message. (Matt Haughey)

0.04 (2001.09.27)

Changed internal timestamp format so that timezone offsets are not recalculated on every rebuild. Changed from epoch time (seconds since 1970) to YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.

Added uneditable name of template to top of editing page for non-index templates; this limits possible confusion over which template you are actually editing. (Steven Jarvis)

Made MTCommentAuthorLink web links open in new window. (Steven Jarvis)

Bookmarklet Javascript now works in IE 5.5 (needed to use document.selection in that browser). (Caroline van Oosten de Boer)

Added created_by column to author object, in preparation for allowing author deletion, but only of authors that you have created.

0.03 (2001.09.26)

Added Bookmarklet posting functionality, with a link to setup on the main project administration menu.

In List Entries, if a post does not have a title display [No title] instead as a link.

Changed login cookie path from / to /path/to/mt/. For example, if you installed MT at /my/mt/mt.cgi, the path for the cookie would now be /my/mt/.

MT::Util::send_mt_mail now checks for more default locations of sendmail, instead of giving up, until it finds one that works. It now checks /usr/lib/sendmail, /usr/sbin/sendmail, and /usr/ucblib/sendmail (list taken from Mail::Mailer). (Steven Jarvis)

Added Javascript form validation for the edit blog configuration/create new blog form.

Added MTCommentAuthorLink tag, which links the comment author name using a succession of rules: looks first for URL, then for email address, then just displays the name without a link. (Steven Jarvis)

Deprecated MTCommentName in favor of MTCommentAuthor; removed the former from the documentation, although it still works (and likely always will).

Made uploading files compatible with versions of CGI.pm without CGI::upload method (versions prior to 2.47). Run CGI::upload in an eval, check for errors, and use CGI::param if we get errors. (Steven Jarvis)

Added a password recovery feature, linked from the login page. Also added a birthplace setting to the ``edit profile'' page; this must be filled out in order for an author to recover his/her password.

Added a config setting StaticWebPath to the mt.cfg config file. This allows you to host the MT images and stylesheets in a directory different than where you host your MT installation (CGI scripts, etc.). This is necessary on some servers, where you have to install MT into your cgi-bin, which doesn't accept non-CGI scripts in that directory. (Taegan D. Goddard)

Fixed display bug in blog editing menu where VIEW SITE would have space up above it, when a user does not have full permissions.

Don't include ``Send a notification'' section when editing an entry if the user does not have notification-sending permissions.

0.02 (2001.09.25)

Added FTP URLs to installation instructions. (Daniel Talsky)

Fix some warnings. (Caroline van Oosten de Boer)

Fix bug with spaces at the ends of lines in mt.cfg file. (Caroline van Oosten de Boer)

Fix bug with saving new entry--author was not being set for the new post. (Matt Haughey)

Fix bug with profile link in header linking to the wrong profile on the entry-editing page for an entry by another author.

Fix bug where creating a new author would switch your login credentials to those of the new author (ie. you would then be logged in as the new author, no longer as yourself). (Matt Haughey)

Added <$MTArchiveTitle$> tag.

Fix bug where uploading a file with backslashes in the path (eg. from Windows) would not get the path cut off properly. (Caroline van Oosten de Boer)

Changed Image-Size installation method, because the old method was not resulting in a working installation, due to the module using AutoLoader to split up the routines. (Caroline van Oosten de Boer)

Updated installation doc to reflect new Image-Size installation method, along with incorporating instructions for performing some steps in a Unix shell, among other things. (Matt Haughey, Steven Jarvis)

Fixed mt-comments.cgi so that it supports adding comments when the comment system is using inline/static comments (as opposed to comment popup windows). The archive pages for the entry, along with the index pages, are now rebuilt after a comment is added, and the user is redirected back to the individual entry archive page. (Caroline var Oosten de Boer)

Added <$MTEntryCommentCount$> tag: number of comments on a particular entry.

On Edit Blog Configuration screen, moved File Extension for archive files down into ``Archive Configuration'' section. (Steven Jarvis)

In the Movable Type admin UI, the Movable Type logo now returns you to the Project Administration area, rather than the movabletype.org site.

In List Entries, when author does not have ``edit all posts'' privilege, but selects to view posts by another author, entry title is no longer a link.

0.01 (2001.09.23)

Initial beta release