Public Release Coming Soon

September 29, 2001 | 01:27 AM

The public release of Movable Type is around the corner. We have completed the first phase of beta testing, and we will be entering the second beta phase soon. The first public version of Movable Type will be released on Monday, October 8, 2001.

In addition to the planned features for the first release, the first public release will also feature file/image upload and activity log functionality, both features originally slated for a later release. You will also be able to easily import your existing blog entries from either Greymatter or Blogger; conversion templates for those systems will be provided, along with instructions.

What are some of the features of Movable Type?

September 4, 2001 | 02:27 PM

Among the expected features of a weblogging content management system (hosted locally on your server, template driven, highly-configurable, permalinks...), the first release of MOVABLE TYPE will have incorporated these added features.

Plus these currently-in-development features planned for subsequent versions:

Stay tuned for more information.


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