Open letter to the PHP-Nuke community about GPL

Posted on Wednesday, July 18 @ 04:54:13 PDT by nukelite

Dear friends, recently a there were some complains about PHP-Nuke and the GPL on future versions because this old article. This anouncement is to let all you fellow users know that PHP-Nuke reafirmes its position in pro of the free software. This means that PHP-Nuke will be licensed under GNU/GPL forever, end of story. In fact, new software project that I'm working right now, will be available under the GPL license as well. I don't believe in proprietary software, I believe in the Free Software as supported by the Free Software Foundation, and PHP-Nuke will be GPL forever. I'll prefer to stop maintaning it if someday I see a bit of proprietary on this application.

PHP-Nuke is moving forward, it's not perfect yet, and maybe will never be, but all my efforts and the community efforts are going in a good direction to have the best community portal in the world.

Some people also criticized me to have a close development model without CVS. I made some little moves on this direction, some of you know were to look. In fact PHP-Nuke now has CVS. This step has been taken mainly to learn how this stuff works, isn't an answer to anything, for now CVS tree is for learning purpouses, you can download the files from there, always the latests files I have in my system, but remember that CVS version isn't intended to public use, so... be carefull. I really don't know what will be the difference having a CVS, anyway this is an experiment yet.

MandrakeSoft will continue to support PHP-Nuke and possibly my other projects. I need to give thanks to the very cool people at MandrakeSoft, they make much more than needed and I appreciate it a lot.

Also, this is a very good time to thank you all for your superb support, for your submissions, your emails, your gifts, your addons, your themes, your ideas and suggestions and to made a reference point for the web programmers. All you created the best and friendliest web community I ever saw in my life. All us are a big family, we are growing fast, more and more each day, this will not be stopped by anyone in the world, this phenomena will be the best experience we will have for a long time on the Internet. I, and many of you for sure, learned a lot from this first year of activities, and I want to learn much more.

This is a post to just leave clear my posture about the GPL:
- Viva the GPL!!!
- Long life to the GPL!!!


Francisco Burzi (aka NuKeLiTe)


Copyright 2001