PHP-Nuke 5.0 Released

Posted on Tuesday, June 19, 2001 @ 18:37:51 COT by nukelite

PHP-Nuke 5.0 has been released. The wait has been finished. This version, as all you already know, is maybe the best version of PHP-Nuke, more stable and fastest than the previous ones. It was a very, very hard work... I spent many hours on this code. This version isn't perfect, I know, but is a big step forward to have a rock solid code. Please download it from the also new download section under PHP-Nuke category. Remember that the only HTML 4.01 compliant theme is NukeNews. Also feel free to submit all your addons, themes, languages or whatever PHP-Nuke related stuff on the new download system. In a few days I'll start the Web Links here and the Reviews system also with free software reviews and eventualy some commercial products reviews. There are too many new stuff, read the full list of changes and more information by clicking on Read More.

Well... the work was finished for now. Maybe this is a good time to request you something in change by voting for PHP-Nuke at HotScripts and at PHP Resource Index.

But if you want to be very, very cool... you can choose to gift me whatever you want from my Wish List at

I also want to give thanks to MandrakeSoft because they made this possible by sponsoring the entire project and covering the financial needs for it, and thanks to ALL the people that helped me out with bugs reports, bugs fixes, translations, tips, suggestions, requests, etc. All you are just the best!

Ok... now the list of changes, almost all of them:

- Konqueror and Opera browsers now get the hit on stats page
- All database tables now has the nuke_ prefix to avoid conflicts with other scripts
- New $prefix variable in config.php to setup multiple Nuke sites sharing one database
- New and improved download system (Based on Web Links)
- Improved security on user.php in save* functions
- Ephemerids variable removed from config.php, activation now controled from blocks system
- Members list is now modular, same for FAQ section
- Better users authentication check (appending &user=x on the URL doesn't work anymore)
- Comments deletion functions now removes all childs comments (Thanks to [Dark Pastor] from
- Optimized a little the code on stats.php
- Changed the search results format, more informative and complete
- Added robots.txt for search engines
- New registered users page, eliminated all english graphic buttons
- Added Messages System
- Changed == by >= on referers automatic deletion code
- Added multiple languages selection box
- Added multiple pages on sections articles (Thanks to Leonardo Teo from
- Added multiple pages on reviews (Thanks to Leonardo Teo from
- 100% working Web Links (At last! Based on JourneyLinks hack on the original files)
- New themes system. All in just one file, more easy, efficient and fastest
- Added Message System with usefull options to publish important stuff in the Homepage
- Unused priviledges table removed from downloads
- Admin Menu alphabeticaly ordered
- Removed $site_font variable from all scripts to let CSS style file setup it
- Now each theme has a file style.css on /style/ directory for CSS configuration
- New translation system created, more efficient and fastest
- Automated news administration are now part of story administration
- Fixed almost all HTML bugs on administration interface
- New blocks system created (100% configurable and user friendly, just amazing! ;))
- Headlines grabber has been moved to the new Blocks system
- Added Random Headlines block. Last 10 news on random selected topic (Inactive by default))
- Removed blocks administration for multiple admins, only Super User can do this now
- Other site's Headlines are now integrated on the new blocks system
- Added timeout and error detection on headlines grabber
- Created modularized Administration system
- Fixed a lot of bugs on Multi-admin system (100% working now)
- Admins can now edit/delete their own stories only
- Delete authors now check for author's published stories and let you re-assign its stories
- All password fields now are masked with "*" on edit users and edit authors
- Added some more option on the user's pages
- Admin stuff now pass thru is_admin() function to check if you are really an admin
- Text filters now works, and deleted two filter unused variables from config.php
- Little improvements on Private Messages scripts
- Added ability to send email or private message to users in news submissions
- Programmed stories queue are now visible on admin home page
- Fixed bad global variable declaration on pollcomments.php
- Added a modular addons system (see ADDONS-MODULES or /modules/readme.txt for more info)
- Link to an Addon module is automaticaly added on Main block
- Removed javascript scroller on articles page
- Added a multidimensional array that puts automaticaly related links on articles pages
- Little cleanup on backend.php file (eliminated image tag from backend)
- Fixed security vulnerability on user.php, cookiedecode() function (Thanks to Obrie)
- Fixed a little bug in upgrade43-44.php file (Thanks to Mr. kl0nk Manson)
- Fixed a bug in banners.php to prevent anyone to change a banner url
- Fixed a lot of hardcoded text (missing translations)
- Removed all LI tags from blocks and HTML code to fit standards. LI tags has been replaced with a standard friendly tags
- Submit news (submit.php) has changed to fit themes colors
- Little changes on the send comments and reply function's look
- Themes selection now are alphabeticaly ordered (Thanks to
- Language selection in settings.php now check for files on languages directory (Thanks to AmigaPhil)
- Removed an extra "," on the SendStory function in friend.php
- Removed graphics vote and results buttoms from Poll block
- IMPORTANT: Added graphics for polls and stats bars for each theme, black bar by default. The bars graphics names are leftbar.gif, mainbar.gif and rightbar.gif and are under /themes/yourtheme/images/ directory. Please check this out and customize your bars.
- Added $uimages missing global variable declaration on comments.php and pollcomments.php in modthree()
- Changed mysql_pconnect with mysql_connect in mainfile.php, the result is a fastest pages render
- Fixed user comment post on reviews.php
- Removed Advanced Stats (OS's compatibility reasons)
- Fixed a lot of HTML code on sections.php
- Fixed horrible bug in poll results HTML tables
- All pages now are HTML 4.01 Transitional compatible
- A lot of cosmetic changes in whole site including administration system
- Fixed hundreds of little but annoying bugs
- FileManager need some more dedication to work 100%, anyway it's functional
- Themes Developers just look at NukeNews theme. HTML compliant and simple

For sure some other little stuff that I don't remember now.

What's next? more PHP-Nuke version for sure, themes, addons, etc. BUT the most important is the start of my new project of Multimedia software for Linux. Multimedia titles I planned to release under the GPL aren't for developers critics, are just to give to Linux something that now doesn't have, reference multimedia applications and educational software for our childrens. In a few weeks I'll expose the complete project on this site with screenshots and all the related information. Hope that you'll like this stuff as much or more than PHP-Nuke. For this project we have the sponsorship of MandrakeSoft but I need to find two or three more because the costs for the project is very high (if I want to make something cool). Anyway, more details will follow in the next days.

Ok... hope that all you can enjoy this version, as always report me any bug you find and don't expect this version to be perfect because it isn't. But for sure all us will start to have a bunch of fun with it and all the available addons and themes.

Thanks for your attention, regards!

PHP-Nuke 4.4 Released

Posted on Thursday, February 08, 2001 @ 14:26:50 COT by nukelite

I'm glad to announce that PHP-Nuke 4.4 has been released. This version is totaly a madness. Among the new stuff we have forums system, download manager, automated faq, improved memberslist, HTML clean up, a lot (more than 100) bugs fixed, a high number of themes and a lot more. This version has new packages distribution, so the code itself includes english language and a few themes, if you want to download more themes and alternate languages you need to download a few more files. This is to redice the main download size and have organizes the addons. Ok... you can download this new version from here, hope that you can enjoy it and as usual please report any bugs on this site or by email. The next version 4.5 will be a bug fix only.

Some bugs remain on 4.4 and the HTML code is just a madness, so I'll dedicate the entire next version to fix the HTML code, clean the php code, and fix bugs. The next version, 4.5 will NOT have any new feature, just bug fixes. You can consider this version as unstable but more stable than 4.3 I want to give thanks to KingRichard. We cordinated some works and of course both us will cordinate future releases of PHP-Nuke and Addon. Well... the wait has been finished... I'm updating the download section with a lot of new stuff. Thanks to all who help me on this version and have fun with this new version. Best Regards to all !

PHP-Nuke 4.3 Released

Posted on Tuesday, December 05, 2000 @ 06:03:12 COT by nukelite

Version 4.3 is released from now. There are a lot of new non-visible stuffs, mainly that insane config.php includes are solved, database call is changed a little, home page now loads in less than 2 seconds, one additional theme, one new language, super improved web links based on JourneyLinks, automated news (the best feature!), who's online, improved members list, today's big story and some other stuff. Complete list of changes clicking on Read More link. Ok... what's next, just a lot of work to clean up the HTML code, hope that this will be done by Steve and contributors on the myPHPortal project (link on the last right box). On next December 7 I'll travel to Bogota, Colombia and I'll return on December 16, so please reserve any bugs report and news submission to that date. I'll use automated news (of course) but I don't know if I can access to the net on those days. When I return I'll announce some very cool stuff ;)
Update: I've updated the 4.3 file with three bug fixes, so you can now download it.

New in 4.3 Version:

- Created modular admin to facilitate add-ons integration (Thanks to Pascal Riva for the first idea!)
- Added Unlimited MultiAdmin Add-on (Thanks to KingRichard from
- Improved Web Links, based on JourneyLinks modifications (needs more work!)
- Topics ordered by Name instead of ID in topics.php and admin.php
- Removed all config.php includes and replaced by global declarations (result: good performance)
- Initial HTML code fixes (Added some when needed, but there are much work with this yet)
- Fixed bug in Send this Story to a Friend
- New submissions now have a separate section in admin
- Improved Members List
- Added Arabic translation
- Added Barrapunto Theme
- Added Today's Big Story Box
- Added Who's Online Box
- Added Automated Articles System
- Fixed cookies recognition for articles and poll comments
- Moved Languages files to language directory and changed the call from mainfile.php
- Cosmetic changes in Preview function of submit.php file
- Fixed all needed updates for ultramode.txt file
- Fixed some anonymous post options in comments and pollcomments (global declarations troubles)
- Finaly Fixed counter.php to avoid that Unknown stats
- Added poll title on the navigation bar in pollcomments.php
- Fixed some minor translation errors in all language files (Thanks to all translators!)
- Added missing translation text for sections search results
- Fixed votes number display for polls

Thanks for your support... Remember to vote in the scripts sites!!! ;)

Have a good Nuke day!

PHP-Nuke 4.2 Released

Posted on Tuesday, October 31 @ 01:38:29 COT by nukelite

Happy Halloween to all! ;) Has been released PHP-Nuke 4.2 with many bug fixes from version 4.1, Members List add-on, some code improvements, etc. PHP-Nuke has now 23 languages support and 19 Themes. If there isn't any major problem with this release, the next will be 5.0 with forums and web mail reader and more cool stuff. But remember the e-books application I promised first. So, I'll not code on PHP-Nuke while I develop the new e-books application. Hope this release is what you expect to be, you can download from here. Have fun!

PHP-Nuke 4.1 Released

Posted on Saturday, October 21, 2000 @ 03:33:15 COT by nukelite

No... this is not a boom like the 4.0... this version fixes a missing table creation in the upgrade file, fix the parse error in upgrades files, fix a bug in friend.php file and has the initial cleanup of the trouble of multiple config.php includes (I said initial!). The next major version of PHP-Nuke will be just a performance improvement version... I'll try to solve al barbarities in the code, with all your help of course. The idea for the next release will be only the performance... code optimization... but Ireally dont want to start working in it for at least 15 days from now. The new version 4.1 can be obtainen as always in the download page. Have Fun!


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