Something is wrong here (PHP-Nuke and GPL)

Posted on Saturday, May 26 @ 05:21:14 PDT by nukelite

Article Updated with this one (End of Story)

Hello Nukers! As all of you already know, on August 2,000 I started this project for two reasons. One was to start learning PHP and the other one to have a cool code for my last news site. Now, PHP-Nuke walked a long way in just a few months and now I'm 100% dedicated to this. Maybe I don't make some thing in the correct way at sometimes, but I always tried to stay under the rules, as far as I know. There are some people out there like Bjorn Sodergren (Sweede) and Harry Zink, among others, that each time they refers to PHP-Nuke and my person what I receive are flames. Also they allege a GPL violation for the Betas and RC1 of PHP-Nuke and NukeAddon because I omitted all the text files, included credits and license texts. This omition was intentionaly and I considered not important because those versions are for Developers only and not intended for distribution or final users.

Harry contacted and disturbed Mandrakesoft about this. Mandrakesoft people just asked me to do something at this respect. They don't control PHP-Nuke, they just give a very good support to the project and PHP-Nuke is alive today thanks for this support.

When Harry contacted me about this topic I answered at his same manners.

Anyway... I don't want to look like a crying children here, my decision was to reupload the RC1 with all his text files included CREDITS and COPYING.

My following decision are:

1) Sweede, Harry et al that like to flame me on the mailing list are not welcome in this community, my suggestion is that those people just need to shutdown that list or rename it Phpnuke-Flaming or anti-Phpnuke or something like that. Make whatever you want but leave from here and from any PHP-Nuke related activities. Don't expect answer from me anymore.

2) I'll never open to CVS or similar this project. I don't want more flames because licenses troubles, or because people (developers) just forgot to put credits here and there.

3) I'll not release more Betas, RC or work in progress versions. Why? because they are for developers and is a complete waste of bandwidht and space to add innecesary files.

At this moment I feel VERY dissapointed with this, maybe too much now, maybe tomorrow will be another day. If we are strict in the terms of GPL, yes I violated it on Betas and RC1, so I want to apologize with all you, Nukers. You deserve the best, the best from this user's community and the best from me, but never ask to me to be perfect because I can't. I made my best, I made all this waiting for nothing... many of you sent gifts to me and I appreciate it a lot... but try to understand that a few people's efforts to hurt, sometimes have its effects.

I would like to know all your opinions, (not included those from the two mentioned folks, I don't care a bit about them) so if I'm making something wrong I can make corrections and maybe we can be near the perfection sometime in the future. Please comment here, is important tfor me to know your thoughts.

Best Regards! and thanks for your attention.

Francisco Burzi


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