CMF Dogbowl: Introduction to CMF

By paul [ ]

March 1, 2001

Web sites today have become sophisticated, dynamic experiences full of powerful services. At the same time, businesses want powerful new ways to leverage brand and engage customers, usually on a very large scale. Yet with the explosion of content on websites, managing the daily flow has become a very expensive, brittle proposition.

This is the market that content management systems (CMS) are ideal for. The Content Management Framework (CMF) from Digital Creations is designed to solve these content management issues by delivering the following benefits:

This guide introduces users to the CMF, showing them the kinds of uses for which it is suited.


The CMF is designed as a framework of components for the Zope application server. This approach to content management delivers a number of benefits over other solutions:

The content services in the framework include:

From Zope, the CMF inherits a series of benefits:

The core set of frameworks in the CMF are Open Source, as is the Zope application server. Additionally, Digital Creations offers other value-added frameworks as part of its consulting services:

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