PHP-Nuke 4.0 Released

Posted on Thursday, October 19, 2000 @ 22:53:05 COT by nukelite

Today is a big day! PHP-Nuke 4.0 has been released. You can download it from here now. This version has been a very, very hard work. Unfortunately not all translations are complete for this version and there some missing translations in the admin section, nothing important. Will be fixed for version 4.1 in a few days maybe. In this version a lot of stuff has changed... the first one is the config.php file... now all the configuration is stored in the database. Now I'll go outside... see the stars... smoke a few cigarettes and drink some white wine (from Chile). Off course any feedback will be appreciated as always was. I realy hope all you can enjoy this release and make profit from it for your web site. I also want to thank you all the people who help in this release... too many to mention... you know who you are... Thanks... and thanks to all the people who visit this web site. I love you! Click on Read More to read the ChangeLog.

- PHP-Nuke now has its own domain name! ( - Changed INSTALL and README files - Fixed double apostrophes bug in comments.php and pollcomments.php - Added $notes in the preview of the submitted news - Added nl2br to the Extended text of the story ($bodytext) - Removed Spanish GPL license file (saved some space) - Added Recommend This Site Option - Changed lang-english to not translate english from english - Created lang-TEMPLATE.php as translators guide - Random links in Web Links now count the hits - Increased to int(3) the topicid in topics table - Added 10 last news submissions and comments in users page - Added a complete full featured File Manager based in WebExplorer - Added Advanced Stats for Admins only on stats.php - All site configuration now is done in Administration script - Fixed tables colors in comments.php - Added search for comments, sections and users in search.php - Fixed error messages when activate banners for the first time - Added Headlines Grabber to put news from other sites - All themes changed, first step for the future Theme Builder addon - Increased to 40 the encrypted password field for users table - Added Images Upload System - Added control for number of stories to show in the Home via config.php - Removed all "" in language files comments due to a bug in the headers - More documented text in config.php - All Links in links.php now open a new browser window - Fixed url to "/cookie.php" in user.php - Fixed "/" url in the themes. Now points to $nuke_url - Added possibility to allow/disallow anonymous to post comments - Added Administrators Online Manual with javascript functions - Default theme is now selectable in config.php (many requests for this one!) - Users login box added to all themes - Users login box text added in translation system - Added a little/nice easter egg (You have the code, but can you find it?) - Removed the useless titletag and titlebar from config.php and themes - Added $slogan in config.php - Fixed a spanish hard text in pollBooth.php and in stats.php - Changed bar graphics for surveys and stats, cool Aqua button ;) - Fixed wrong width graphic in stats.php - Removed Email display for password lost functions, more privacy for users - Banners deactivated by default in config.php - Hits to be Popular Link upped to 500 by default in config.php - Initial use of CSS Stylesheet code in header.php - Cleaned each themes files to match changes in header.php - Deleted all fonts face commands (reduced 15+ Kb from code!) - Site Font is now customizable from config.php (yes!) - Fixed some typos in banners.php - Many cosmetic changes in admin html tables - Added Related Links for each article page - Added Related Links manager in administration under Topics Manager - Added javascript scroll box in related links box with last news - "Post your comment" button moved inside related links box - Added "The most read story about" for each article page - Changed to fixed white table color in search.php - Added Older Articles link in the Old Articles box - Fixed a bad translation in user.php - Added PHP-Nuke version number in statistics page - Added "Send To Friend" functions for stories - Removed common header on all themes - Added common header functions in header.php - Added nice style class to all input text forms - Added Printer Friendly Page for each article/story - $site_logo from config.php now works for printer friendly page - Fixed that "s" for comment plural in index.php - Added Korean translation - Added Quebec/French translation - Added Norwegian translation - Added Indonesian translation - Added Slovak translation - Added Latvian translation + graphics - Added Metal theme (Thanks to Tim Litwiller) - Added BlackRoad theme (First with attempt with a Black background) - Added Xeron theme (Thanks to the folks at - Added missing in events maintenance - Renamed all "Events" words to "Ephemerids" - Removed Important Note at the end of README file, be happy You can expect some minor updates in a few days... Hey! I'm not perfect! are you? Bets Regards! Enjoy this release! Francisco Burzi (NuKeLiTe)

Welcome to

Posted on Tuesday, October 03, 2000 @ 03:30:00 COT by nukelite

Hello all! Finaly PHP-Nuke has its own domain name. First of all, I wanted to thanks all PHP-Nuke users around the world. I received a lot of possitive comments, suggestions and ideas for this Web Portal System. I realy appreciate your feedback. Well this web space has been created to increase the communication with the users, to publish your questions, to let the people share ideas, hacks, mods, addons, etc. for PHP-Nuke software. I hope that all you can enjoy this site, in the future I'll release another cool software written in PHP... as always, under the GPL. I strongly believe in the free software and here at you will be part of the revolution. So, stay tuned for the upcoming stuff. Again... Thanks!


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