UserLand Ships Frontier 6.0

The First Workgroup Web Server

BURLINGAME, CA (April 4, 1999): UserLand Software announced today that it had shipped version 6.0 of UserLand Frontier, the market-leading content management system for Windows and Macintosh OS.

"When you add up all the new features, UserLand Frontier 6.0 is the first Workgroup Web Server," said Dave Winer, 43, president of UserLand Software. "It brings powerful high-end features such as membership, preferences, per-user storage, discussion groups, searching, calendars, news sites, subscriptions and XML-based distributed computing to popular user-oriented operating systems."

"Our goal with UserLand Frontier 6.0 was to complete the workgroup web server vision we relaunched the company with in 1996. That's now accomplished. Our next goal, for 6.0.x, and 6.1, is to build out Frontier as the ideal network-based writing environment. Our team's experience with structured writing environments, such as MORE and ThinkTank, will be applied to web writing. This is where we expect, for the first time, our products to be highly relevant not only to system managers and developers, but to managers, writers and scholars," Winer continued.

"Frontier 6.0 is an important step in our strategy to build into a leading portal for thinkers, developers and word people. By distributing the servers as a separate offering we're in a unique position to distribute our web presence. We will be able to achieve results that other leading portals won't because we can leverage our authorship of the market-leading content management software," he concluded.

UserLand Frontier 6.0 is fully compatible with industry standards such as Microsoft's Common Object Model (COM), Apple Events, TCP, HTTP, XML-RPC and other Internet standards.

More information about UserLand Frontier 6.0 is available at

UserLand Software operates Scripting.Com, the leading news site for the cross-platform scripting community, and publishes DaveNet, essays written by UserLand president Dave Winer. UserLand publishes Frontier, the market-leading web content management system and workgroup web server; and is a leading developer and promoter of XML-based technology for distributed computing. UserLand Frontier is a registered trademark of UserLand Software.

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Robert Bierman
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