FrontPage 98 Server Extensions

Platforms for FrontPage Server Extensions supported by Ready-to-Run Software FrontPage Server Extensions supported on the following Servers for FrontPage Client

Microsoft has stated that they do not support non-Microsoft beta software. However, you can still request that they add it to the list of supported platforms.

Since Microsoft provides the base source code to Ready-to-Run Software and we port it to the various UNIX platforms at their request, you will have to ask Microsoft to add it to the list.  If you would like to request that your OS/Server be supported by the FrontPage Server Extensions for UNIX go to the Microsoft Wish Page and request it.  If there are enough requests Microsoft will consider adding it to the list.


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"Unable to change access control for this web, because it inherit the access control of the root web. Please change the access control on the root web."

The installation process will terminate at this point and users trying to access their content with FrontPage 97 will see an HTTP 500 error.

Microsoft has released an updated version of the Installation Script. It is available for download.

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