NCompass Labs Delivers First Web Content Architecture Solution

NCompass Resolution Dynamically Delivers Reliable Web Content to Multiple Audiences, Media and Platforms

VANCOUVER, British Columbia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 23, 1998-- NCompass Labs, pioneer in web design and content management solutions, today announced the availability of NCompass Resolution(TM), the first web content architecture solution for the enterprise.

Resolution is a complete enterprise solution that enables corporations to effectively design and manage web content that can be dynamically delivered to different audiences, media and platforms. Resolution's distributed authoring and content management capabilities significantly reduce the cost and complexity of managing large Web sites.

Resolution is an enterprise-class solution that allows organizations to structure a Web site with the ability to add content easily and alter the structure of the site to meet business needs without impacting Web site content or format. Resolution includes integrated workflow functionality that is critical to support internal processes and ensure accurate corporate web data.

"The majority of organizations with corporate Web sites are currently faced with a content management crisis because most Web sites have been built by publishing content one page at a time," said Dr, Gerri Sinclair, President & CEO of NCompass Labs. "This web content bottleneck is the main reason that corporate Web site ROI has not been realized. Resolution is a highly effective web content architecture solution that can be easily utilized by personnel at all levels within a company to deliver immediate, accurate Web content additions and updates."

"Resolution will be key to effectively distributing sales and marketing information on our corporate intranet," said Safouen Rabah, webmaster at Pivotal Software. "Resolution's model empowers people in every department to take ownership of the content they create. The easy-to-use graphical tools allow everybody -- not just the webmaster -- to publish, update and manage information on our Intranet in a timely fashion. We are looking forward to extending the benefits of Resolution to strategic areas on our corporate extranets." Dynamic Web Content Through Templates

Resolution separates web content from design and formatting through the use of templates. Corporate web designers use Resolution templates to define the structure of pages and corporate authors contribute content through the templates. This separation of web content from format empowers authors to manage their own content while web designers retain the control of the overall look and feel of the Web site.

Resolution's template-driven solution also allows corporations to control content for different audiences, media and platforms. Once template designs are created, Resolution dynamically distributes content based upon the audience, media type and platform configurations. Resolution ships with a number of modifiable and reusable templates that enable users to start publishing immediately and reduces the total cost associated with Web site deployment. Visual Design and Authoring

Resolution offers WYSIWYG design and authoring so that users with no HTML coding experience can create richly formatted content or drag and drop content from applications such as Word and Excel. Resolutions' visual authoring capability enlarges a corporation's pool of web authors and promotes distributed web authoring across the enterprise.

Resolution is an open, extensible solution that can be integrated with other enterprise systems. The product is non-proprietary, containing standards-based technology and can be deployed out-of-the-box for quick enterprise implementation.

Resolution is comprised of three major components: Resolution Client includes a set of tools for web designing, content authoring, and administering web site resources; Resolution Database organizes and stores content; and Resolution Server connects the Resolution Database, Resolution Client and web server to deliver dynamically generated web pages. The result is a powerful web content architecture solution that eliminates inefficiency, reduces workload, and improves control over all corporate web site resources. Pricing and Availability

NCompass Resolution is currently available direct from NCompass Labs for the introductory price of $19,500 (U.S. dollars) and includes 10 author seats, 2 designer seats and a basic template package. Additional Resolution Servers are $14,250 each. Additional Resolution Authors are $495 per package of 10. Resolution Designers are $695 each or $4,995 per package of 10. About NCompass Labs

NCompass Labs is a pioneer in web design and content management technology that enables enterprises to realize a significant corporate business advantage. NCompass Resolution is the first web content architecture solution for the enterprise. The company was founded in 1996 and was the first to bring Microsoft's (NASDAQ:MSFT) OLE technology to the Internet with the ActiveX Plug-in for Netscape (NASDAQ: NSCP) browsers. NCompass Labs is based in Vancouver BC, an active and growing high technology center on Canada's West Coast. For more information about NCompass and its products, visit

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