Commercial Web Hosting Platform From Microsoft Enables Network Operators to Deploy Services Rapidly

Internet Service Provider-Focused Functionality in Internet Information Server 4.0 Gaining Wide Acceptance for Rapid Deployment of Network Services

Redmond, Wash. - Dec. 2, 1997 - Top network operators today said they will quickly deploy the Microsoft® Windows NT® Server operating system version 4.0 and the new Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0 to take advantage of powerful new technology aimed at network operators. The Internet service provider-focused functionality in IIS 4.0 makes it the most powerful platform available for both simple and advanced hosting services.

Network operators adopting IIS 4.0 for Web hosting include Bell Atlantic Internet Solutions, CompuServe Inc.'s SPRYNET unit, DIGEX Inc., GTE Internetworking, MCI, NetConcepts Inc., UUNET Technologies Inc. and Verio Inc. The network operators said they expect their Web hosting services based on Windows NT Server 4.0 and IIS 4.0 to be available within 60 days. In addition, more than 70 Internet service providers are signed up today to offer simple hosting on a shared server platform for Microsoft BackOffice® Small Business Server.

Microsoft today also released the Small Business Server ISP Resource Guide, which with IIS 4.0 provides network operators virtually everything they need to get up and running quickly to meet simple Web hosting needs. The kit includes a configuration guide, hardware and software requirements, and a modifiable auto-provisioning script for offering automated signup for access, mail and hosting services. Microsoft plans to extend the kit with additional components so that it continues to be the best way for network operators to meet the needs of small and large companies doing business on the Web.

"The Small Business Server ISP Resource Guide is fantastic," said Robert Adkison, president of CASLINK. "Microsoft has provided 90 percent of the infrastructure needed to offer powerful Web hosting and connectivity solutions to our customers. It was up to CASLINK to tailor the specific solutions for small businesses, affinity organization and government contractors by partnering with value-added providers in the mid-Atlantic region."

Using the Small Business Server ISP Resource Guide, network operators will offer a combination of connectivity, Internet-based mail delivery, domain name registration, hosting and additional services targeted for BackOffice Small Business Server customers.

Advanced Hosting Services to Meet the Needs of Fortune 1,000 Customers

The network operators adopting IIS 4.0 are doing so to take advantage of its unmatched application integration, which enables them to offer new advanced hosting services including electronic commerce, database integration, personalization and usage information, and content management.

Network operators adopting IIS 4.0 for advanced hosting include DIGEX, GTE Internetworking, MCI and UUNET. They will take advantage of the centralized management, Web operator delegation for Web site tasks, advanced transaction functionality, and application integration using Microsoft SQL Server™ 6.5 and Microsoft Site Server Enterprise Edition content management and commerce server components.

"Network operators are deploying Web hosting services that are now available because of Microsoft IIS 4.0 and Windows NT 4.0," said David Ostroff, Web hosting marketing manager at Microsoft. "Application integration allows commercial providers to offer an entirely new range of advanced hosting services, so they can attract new customers and expand their business base with database integration, full back-end transaction processing and advanced content management. And providers who want to offer simple hosting will find it faster, easier and more profitable with our Small Business Server ISP Resource Guide."

Microsoft released IIS 4.0 today as part of the Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack. IIS 4.0 includes Index Server 2.0, Certificate Server and the Personal Web Server 4.0 for the Windows NT Workstation and Windows® 95 operating systems.


The Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack CD-ROM, including IIS 4.0, is available for approximately $99.95 from local resellers, or can be downloaded free from the Microsoft Web site at (connect-time charges may apply).

Customers can review an online version of the Small Business Server ISP Resource Guide on the Microsoft Web site at

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Providers to Support Advanced Customer Needs With IIS 4.0

Network operators announcing Web hosting services based on IIS 4.0 include the following:

"DIGEX expects the migration to IIS 4.0 to be swift and comprehensive," said Bobby Patrick, director of business development at DIGEX. "IIS 4.0 provides significantly increased reliability for sites running multiple applications, database transactions, and back-end Active Server Pages (ASP) or Java functionality. We are excited about the release of IIS 4.0 because it offers rich services that allow complex sites to meet rapidly growing end-user expectations." For more information about DIGEX'S Internet-based services, visit

"Migrating to a hosting service that features IIS 4.0 is the next logical step in managing multisite server configurations," said James Ludwick, director of interactive technology at Ziff-Davis Education, a GTE client. "GTE Internetworking has been consistently building experience with IIS, which further improves its depth of capability." For more information about GTE Internetworking Internet-based services, visit

Network Operators to Support Small-Business Customer Needs With IIS 4.0

Bob Noe of First Exchange Corp., a NetConcepts customer, said, "When we decided to deploy our system, we chose NetConcepts due to a depth of technical products and quality of service."