Wallop and Kiva Join Forces to Provide Integrated Solution for Building Enterprise-Class Web Applications

Wallop Build-IT 2.5 Ships - Offers Integration with KIVA Enterprise Server, Expanded Relationship Management Capabilities, and Enhanced Scalability

FOSTER CITY, CA, November 10, 1997 � Wallop Software, Inc., provider of the industry's first web application assembly environment, today announced a partnership with KIVA Software, as well as the general availability of version 2.5 of its Wallop Build-IT product family. Version 2.5 offers tight integration with the KIVA Enterprise Server family of products, extends its relationship management capabilities to include components written in Java and C++, expands its support for dynamically generated web sites, and improves its scalability to support large web sites comprised of multiple applications.

Today's announcements extend Wallop's leadership in the web application assembly market in three key areas: integration with best-of-breed authoring and development tools, ensuring web application integrity, and enabling scalable assembly of large web applications. Wallop Build-IT 2.5 is available today by calling Wallop at 1-888-2-WALLOP. An evaluation copy is available for download from Wallop's web site at http://www.wallop.com/default.htm

"With the shipping of Wallop Build-IT 2.5, Wallop continues to deliver on the vision of becoming an application assembly platform that is tightly integrated with products from other leading vendors," said Robert C. Bolt, chief executive officer of Wallop Software, Inc. "With version 2.5 of Wallop Build-IT, we are adding KIVA to the list of leading vendors we integrate with. Such partnerships will help our customers quickly and seamlessly build large-scale web applications."

Wallop Build-IT 2.5 - KIVA Integration
Together Wallop and KIVA help customers leverage the Internet as a strategic development and deployment platform for business-critical enterprise applications. The partnership between Wallop and KIVA integrates two critical technologies required to deliver transactive content applications � a robust application server for performing transactions against databases, and an environment that integrates that application code with the content that designers and content contributors generate. Integration between Wallop Build-IT 2.5 and KIVA products offers web teams the ability to quickly and cost effectively create, assemble, deploy, and maintain applications which combine rich content such as documents, images, sound and animation with forms and transactions that access corporate data.

"KIVA customers are building complex, transactive applications. A typical KIVA application is built using Java or C/C++, is comprised of hundreds, often thousands of business objects and components, and requires that programmers work collaboratively in a cohesive and succinct fashion," said Keng Lim, president and chief executive officer of KIVA Software. "Wallop Build-IT allows KIVA programmers to work collaboratively with each other and with designers and content contributors to deliver complete, integrated applications. It provides a 'workbench' that simplifies the application assembly process throughout the entire life cycle � development, assembly, deployment, and management."

In a web-based order entry application, for example, there are a variety of HTML pages, GIF images, database forms, perl scripts and Java-based business logic components. And, there is a diverse team that is responsible for developing each of these component types. The entire development team works within the Wallop Build-IT environment to view all the components, see how their components relate to those of others, update them using their tool of choice, assemble them into an application, and effortlessly deploy them to a production application server and/or web server.

KIVA software is used by developers to integrate database and legacy data and build the business logic components for high-end web applications. From then on, the developers launch KIVA Assistants to develop the database forms and business logic, all within the Wallop Build-IT environment. Wallop Build-IT provides team assembly capabilities, and virtually eliminates the administrative burden of ensuring the integrity across both code and content-related components.

Integration between Wallop Build-IT 2.5 and KIVA Enterprise Server includes the following features and benefits:

KIVA Software is a member of the Wallop Alliance Organization (WAO) Program announced in September 1997. The program is designed to provide marketing and technical support to vendors that are integrating with the Wallop Build-IT web application assembly platform. Other members of the WAO program include: Allaire, Informix Software, INTERSOLV, Interwoven, Mortice Kern Systems (MKS), NetDynamics, Netscape, Sun Microsystems, and Symantec.

Wallop Build-IT 2.5 - Expanded Relationship Management Capabilities

Wallop Build-IT 2.5 - Scaleable Support for Large Web Sites
Rather than having one extremely large monolithic web site, Wallop Build-IT 2.5 offers the ability to partition a web site into multiple applications each of a more manageable scope, and then merge them at deployment time. Version 2.5 also offers enhancements to its importing and deployment capabilities including the ability to add an exclusion list prior to importing an existing application (thus providing more scoping ability for large applications), and changes to the import and deployment processes reducing import and deployment times by up to 10 times. In addition, memory optimizations have reduced application load times for large sites by up to 10 times and screen refresh rates by up to 5 times.

Pricing and Distribution
The Enterprise edition of Wallop Build-IT is priced at $2,495. The Business User edition is $495. Upgrades to Wallop Build-IT 2.5 are free of charge for existing customers who have purchased a maintenance agreement. The products will be delivered to customers via direct sales, VAR's, consultants, resellers and systems integrators, as well as over the Internet via Intraware at htttp://www.intraware.com/

Wallop Software, Inc.
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