Interwoven and Wallop Software Announce Collaborative Relationship

Powerful solutions for website production control and application assembly that work together

LOS ALTOS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 10, 1997-- Interwoven(TM), Inc. and Wallop Software, Inc. today announced that they are working together to better serve customers with large-scale, sophisticated websites.

Together the two solutions facilitate scaleable delivery of large-scale web applications, and provide the premier environment for web application assembly and website production control.

The two leading providers of web production solutions note that customers can benefit from the complementary functionality of both products. Interwoven TeamSite provides the foundation for asset management and workflow control, and Wallop Build-IT manages application integrity and secure, flexible deployment. The combination of Wallop Build-IT and Interwoven TeamSite enables large organizations to build the most reliable web applications and websites, update content faster than existing ad hoc processes, empower more contributors, and streamline workflow.

Wallop Software's Chief Executive Officer Robert C. Bolt noted, "We are very pleased to be working with Interwoven. TeamSite provides the foundation for asset management and workflow control for enterprises with hundreds of content contributors from across the organization. These are the same organizations that require Wallop Build-IT to manage application integrity and secure deployment. By working together, we enable enterprise web teams to deliver large-scale web applications."

Interwoven Chairman Steven Farber concurred, "Wallop Build-IT is the leading solution for application assembly. It provides a robust development environment that ensures application integrity and meets complex deployment requirements. Interwoven TeamSite contributes the best industrial-strength website production control, including site versioning, workflow management, and parallel development. These two products can deliver a powerful solution to the enterprise."

Interwoven President and CEO Peng T. Ong added, "While some solutions for web content management lock out certain tools, platforms or content types, TeamSite was designed from the ground up to provide the foundation for all tools in a firms web operations. Wallop Build-IT complements TeamSite's functionality by providing powerful relationship management and intelligent deployment."

The products offered by each company complement one another. Wallop Build-IT has been recognized as the leading solution for managing and deploying web components.

-- Comprehensive Reliability: Wallop Build-IT dynamically manages the relationships between components automatically through its Continuous Compiling(TM) capability. This ensures application integrity as components are created, moved, renamed, and updated.

-- Powerful Deployment: Wallop Build-IT allows intelligent application deployment partitioned across multiple servers in multiple staging environments for improved performance, control, and scalability.

-- Logical Component Organization: Wallop Build-IT allows users to disassociate the physical location of a component from its logical location. Therefore, users can define different file structures for different stages (e.g. development, test, deploy), and also organize components logically into libraries.

Interwoven TeamSite enables hundreds or thousands of diverse contributors from across an enterprise to work in parallel. It provides sophisticated website production control through: -0-

-- Parallel Development: TeamSite provides each development team its own branch, which can be managed independently or merged seamlessly with other branches.

-- Empowering Authors: Interwoven TeamSite empowers knowledge workers of any skill level to develop and test web content in private workareas, each containing a complete, virtual copy of the website. Within the workareas, contributors can edit web content with any tools of their choice and then view their changes in the context of the entire website.

-- Site Versioning: Interwoven TeamSite saves complete copies of the website as editions -- fully functional read-only websites that can be instantly recalled. And Site Rollback(TM) allows firms to recover painlessly from catastrophe, recall complete site versions for legal proceedings, or trace intranet content for ISO 9000 compliance.

-- Workflow Management: Interwoven TeamSite provides an editorial system for assigning web content work, increasing the speed and accuracy of website improvements. Editors can assign files to Authors, and each Author has a unique "To-Do List" interface to the system. Assigning files and completing tasks automatically trigger e-mail notification to the appropriate team members.

-- Advanced Administrative Controls: Interwoven TeamSite offers audit trails, event logs, and configuration options to complement the workflow of the organization.

About Wallop Software, Inc.

Wallop Software, Inc. is the leader in web application assembly whose mission is to provide products and services specifically designed to meet the specialized needs of corporate teams building and deploying strategic business applications. The Wallop Build-IT family of products -- Wallop Build-IT for the Enterprise and Wallop Build-IT for Business Users -- is a revolutionary web application assembly environment that enables multi-disciplinary teams to collaboratively build, deploy, and maintain highly reliable web-based business applications. Founded in 1995, Wallop Software is headquartered at 1155 Triton Drive, Foster City, CA 94404. Wallop's home page is located at .

About Interwoven, Inc.

Interwoven, Inc. delivers open solutions for Industrial-Strength Website Production Control. The company's products empower large teams of content contributors distributed throughout the enterprise to produce and manage high quality, dynamic websites on the Internet or corporate intranets. Interwoven addresses the demanding needs of complex web environments, supporting unique workflow processes and existing investments in web-based assets. Interwoven provides a foundation for organizations to harness the content creation power of their knowledge workers in a controlled and efficient fashion, and to post content to their sites quickly. The company's open solutions allow customers to assemble any combination of best-of-breed authoring and site development tools, webservers, database connectivity solutions, and application servers. Interwoven is located at 885 N. San Antonio Road, Los Altos, CA 94022; phone 650/917-3600; fax 650/917-3603; website at . -0-

Note to Editors: A summary describing how Wallop Build-IT and Interwoven TeamSite complement one another is available from both companies.

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