Wallop Software Announces Alliance Program to Meet Growing Demand for Assembly Large-Scale Web Applications

Industry Leaders That Have Embraced Wallop Build-IT as Platform for Web Application Assembly Join Wallop Alliance Organization Program

FOSTER CITY, CA, September 9, 1997 � Wallop Software, Inc., provider of the industry's first web application assembly environment, today announced the Wallop Alliance Organization (WAO) Program designed to provide marketing and technical support to vendors that want to integrate with its product family. Today nine leading software providers including Allaire, Informix Software, INTERSOLV, Interwoven, KIVA Software, Mortice Kern Systems (MKS), NetDynamics, Sun Microsystems, and Symantec joined the WAO Program. The Wallop Build-IT product family is tightly integrated with products and technologies marketed by these vendors, providing complete solutions to customers developing web-based business applications. The Wallop Build-IT product family enables teams of webmasters, developers, creative professionals, and business users to collaboratively create web application components, assemble them into reliable applications, deploy, and maintain them.

"The philosophy behind our product line since inception has been to provide an open platform for web application assembly. Today's announcement formalizes on-going technology partnerships with providers of complementary products," said Robert C. Bolt, chief executive officer of Wallop Software, Inc. "The demand for building rich transactive web applications on the rise. Our technology partners see the need for a scaleable web application assembly environment that will complement and enhance their products for building large-scale web applications."

"Through our technical partnership with Wallop, KIVA customers will gain an organized and controlled way of testing and deploying web applications which combine content and transactions," said Keng Lim, president and chief executive officer of KIVA Software. "KIVA delivers the industry's fastest and most scaleable Internet application server, and Wallop provides the only platform for assembling transactive content applications."

"Through our relationship with Wallop, customers developing web-based Java applications can now easily combine Java components with HTML pages and images to deliver powerful solutions to the enterprise," said Dr. Lew Tucker, director of corporate and developer relations at JavaSoft, a business unit of Sun Microsystems, Inc. "An application assembly environment like Wallop Build-IT is key to ensuring the integrity of business applications that include a wide range of web components."

"Hundreds of major corporate customers have made strategic investments in the NetDynamics platform to deliver high performance, scaleable business applications that serve 1000s of customers across the Net. Our partnership with Wallop ensures our joint customers also have a robust environment that integrates diverse content from multiple development teams and provides the powerful versioning and deployment management these next generation business critical applications demand," said Zack Rinat, president and CEO at NetDynamics. "We recognized Wallop as a leader in this area early on, and we look forward to continuing our work together to promote best-of-breed web technologies for enterprise Java applications."

"Our company was founded on the belief that the web will emerge as the application development platform," said David Orfao, president and CEO of Allaire. "But today, web developers must deal with an increasingly complex morass of languages and technologies. Our company's primary products, HomeSite and Cold Fusion, are designed to help simplify and advance rapid application development. We view Wallop's Alliance Organization Program as an important contribution toward advancing the web as the application development platform and helping web teams meet the demand for rapid deployment of business applications."

"The combination of the award winning Symantec Visual Cafe family of products and Wallop Build-IT web assembly products provide one of the most comprehensive solutions for developing large scale web applications today," said Allen Bannon, director of developer relations Internet tools at Symantec.

"By joining the WAO Program we are moving our relationship with Wallop to the next level," said John Bartlett, director of web product marketing at Informix Software, Inc. "Our continued integration between Wallop Build-IT and INFORMIX-Universal Server will ensure that customers have an integrated platform for assembling and deploying large-scale web applications."

"TeamSite provides a robust foundation for asset management and workflow control. It supports enterprises with hundreds of content contributors from across the organization. Wallop Build-IT complements this functionality by enabling the teams to assemble thousands of components into reliable web applications," said Peng Ong, chief executive officer of Interwoven. "Wallop Build-IT's powerful relationship management and intelligent deployment capabilities enable effortless deployment of web components stored and versioned within the TeamSite system to multiple web servers."

About the Wallop Alliance Organization Program
The Wallop Alliance Organization (WAO) Program is a comprehensive program designed to provide all types of Wallop partners � resellers, consultants, and software and hardware providers � with the services, programs, and support crucial to the overall success of a business partnership.

The benefits of the Wallop Alliance Organization Program to software vendors include:

Sales Support

Joint Marketing Technical Support Beta Program Participation

Initial software partners who have joined the Wallop Alliance Organization Program include:

They join the following companies who are existing Wallop resellers and consultants: Aslan Computing, BASIS Technology, Business Logic, Context Integration, Creation Engine, C/NET, C20, DA Consulting, Database Solutions, FreeRange Media, Infotec, Intraware, Lante Corporation, NetFX, NexGen SI, NobleStar Systems, PRC, Technology Builders, Inc., Technology Management, The Net Collaborative, Vertebrae Technology, Virtualogic, Visient Corporation, and Wave Technologies.

Wallop Build-IT
Wallop Build-IT is the industry's first web application assembly environment. It addresses the challenges that organizations building web-based business applications face such as handling thousands of diverse components, a variety of unrelated authoring tools, frequent changes to functionality and content, and diverse development teams. Wallop Build-IT allows organizations to construct and maintain reliable web applications. It provides the entire web team with a wide variety of unique benefits, such as:

Wallop Software, Inc.
Wallop Software, Inc. is the leader in web application assembly whose mission is to provide products and services specifically designed to meet the specialized needs of corporate teams building web applications. The Wallop Build-IT family of products—Wallop Build-IT for the Enterprise and Wallop Build-IT for Business Users—is a revolutionary web application assembly environment that enables multi-disciplinary teams to collaboratively build, deploy, and maintain highly reliable web-based business applications. Founded in 1995, Wallop Software is headquartered at 1155 Triton Drive, Foster City, CA 94404. Wallop's home page is located at http://www.wallop.com/default.htm.


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