Netscape Unveils Netscape FastTrack Server 3.0

Berkeley Software Design, Bull Worldwide Information Systems, Caldera, Corel, Digital Equipment, HP, NCR, SCO, Siemens Nixdorf, Silicon Graphics and Unisys to Bundle Popular Web Server Software

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (September 2, 1997) -- Netscape Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: NSCP) today announced that a preview release of Netscape FastTrack Server 3.0 software is available for download and beta testing from Netscape's Internet site. Netscape FastTrack Server 3.0 is the next generation of Netscape's popular low-cost, high-performance Web server software for individuals and small workgroups. Netscape also announced that leading OEMs including Berkeley Software Design, Inc., Bull Worldwide Information Systems, Caldera, Inc., Corel, Digital Equipment Corporation (Digital UNIX), Hewlett-Packard, NCR, SCO, Siemens Nixdorf, Silicon Graphics Inc. and Unisys are bundling Netscape FastTrack Server with their hardware and software solutions.

New features in Netscape FastTrack Server 3.0 include a powerful new Web server engine supporting HTTP 1.1, as well as support for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory services to enable centralized management of users and groups and common administration with Netscape SuiteSpot servers. Based on the same architecture as Netscape Enterprise Server software, Netscape FastTrack Server also includes support for Java, JavaScript, and database connectivity and session management services. Netscape FastTrack Server makes it easy for individuals and workgroups to easily build Crossware applications, a new class of applications that span operating systems and reach beyond the enterprise to include customers and partners in business processes.

"Netscape FastTrack Server is an entry-level Web server that provides customers with the ability to create and publish documents and run Crossware applications, while remaining extremely easy to use and manage," said John Paul, senior vice president and general manager of the Server Product Division at Netscape. "Using the popular Web server, individuals or small workgroups can quickly and easily establish a Web presence and deploy Intranet and Extranet solutions."

Netscape FastTrack Server enables corporate employees, developers and small businesses to quickly and easily set up their own Web sites, and create and one-button publish HTML content. Netscape FastTrack Server incorporates a broad set of management tools for managing user and group information, real-time monitoring, log reporting and configuration management. These tools can significantly reduce the cost of managing and maintaining a Web site.

Netscape FastTrack Server includes tools such as a JavaScript compiler and application manager to build and deploy JavaScript-based applications. Netscape FastTrack Server supports LiveConnect, which enables JavaScript applications to access reusable services built in Java. In addition, Netscape FastTrack Server includes a built-in Java runtime with support for Java Development Kit 1.1 (JDK). The server also provides a database service that supports ODBC on Windows NT and UNIX, providing connectivity to information stored in a variety of data formats. New and advanced database access capabilities include Web cursors and Web transactions that span multiple pages, and support for stored procedures. These new features let users build Crossware applications that connect to databases.

A preview release of Netscape FastTrack Server is available for downloading and beta testing at no cost from the Netscape Internet site. Netscape plans to ship the product in the fourth quarter with an expected price of US$295.

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