Wallop and NetDynamics Partner to Deliver Enterprisewide Web Based Business Applications

For the First Time, Teams will Easily be Able to Develop, Deploy and Maintain Strategic Business Applications for the Web

FOSTER CITY, CA AND MENLO PARK, CA, December 16, 1996 � Wallop Software, Inc. and NetDynamics Inc. today announced that the two companies have formed a strategic partnership to bring easier team-development of strategic business applications to the Web. Under this partnership, Wallop's Build-IT Web application assembly environment and the NetDynamics product family will be tightly integrated and easily able to work together. The combined products will offer corporate development teams the ability to create, assemble, deploy and manage Web applications that combine rich content components such as documents, images, sound and animation with more traditional components, such as access to corporate data. In addition, the companies will cross-market and sell each others' products.

"Hundreds of companies are now improving their bottom line by using NetDynamics to create strategic business applications for the Web," said Zack Rinat, president and CEO of NetDynamics. "Our new partnership with Wallop expands efficiency and ease in the development of these applications because, for the first time, it allows teams to work simultaneously to develop, deploy and maintain Web applications that can combine data-rich portions with other content."

Wallop Software's CEO, Robert Bolt said: "Today's Web sites are built by combining many new components from simple information sharing � such as corporate communications � through to strategic and mission critical applications � including sales automation, human resources, and on-line banking and ticketing. As these applications mature and evolve, it is becoming critical to have an environment that manages and integrates the diverse components into a cohesive application, and that embraces the best-of-breed tools with which they were created. We chose to integrate with NetDynamics because it is best-of-breed in the area of Web-based database applications."

Bolt went on to give an example of how NetDynamics and Build-IT will work together in the development environment. "In a Web-based 401K application, for example, there are a variety of HTML pages, GIF images, database forms, perl scripts and Java-based business logic. And, there is a diverse team that is responsible for developing each of these component types. The entire development team works within the Build-IT environment to view all the components, see how their components relate to those of others', update them using their tool of choice, assemble them into an application, and effortlessly deploy them to a production Web server. NetDynamics is used by the developers responsible for creating the database forms and the Java-based business logic components of the Web-based application. From then on, the developers launch the NetDynamics Studio to maintain the database forms and the business logic, all within the Build-IT environment."

NetDynamics offers leading solutions for developing enterprise applications on the Web � from human resources to salesforce automation to new business and revenue generating applications. Wallop Build-IT brings the capability to organize, display, manage and launch these new content-rich applications from within a single consolidated environment.

The first phase of the partnership will allow their joint customers to launch NetDynamics applications from within the Build-IT environment. In the second phase, Build-IT will be able to parse NetDynamics application components to provide developers with a visual map displaying their relationships and dependencies. Additionally, using Build-IT's Deployment Wizard today, NetDynamics application components can be deployed across one or more NetDynamics application servers within a company's Web site environment.

Wallop Software, Inc.

Wallop Software, Inc. is an emerging leader in Intranet application development whose mission is to provide products and services specifically designed to meet the specialized needs of corporate developers building Intranet applications. Wallop Build-IT provides a revolutionary Web application assembly environment that enables developers to integrate best-of-breed development tools and objects from the leading vendors to build, deploy, and maintain a new generation of business applications specifically designed for the Intranet. Founded in 1995, Wallop Software is headquartered at 1155 Triton Drive, Foster City, CA 94404. Wallop's home page is located at: http://www.wallop.com/default.htm.

NetDynamics, Inc.

NetDynamics Inc. (formerly Spider Technologies Inc.) is a leading provider of solutions for enabling Web-centric businesses to grow their bottom line � through cost reduction and increased revenues � using the Net. NetDynamics is being used by hundreds of companies as diverse as AT&T, Harvard, Key Corp., Service Merchandise, Newbridge Communications , Wells Fargo, Toys �R Us, GE Capital, and many others. Other NetDynamics partners include Hewlett Packard, Gradient Technologies, Informix, Microsoft, Netscape, Oracle, Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems, Sybase, many systems integrators and value added resellers, and others. Based in Menlo Park, CA, the company was founded in 1995 and is funded by venture capital firms Hummer Winblad and U.S. Venture Partners and a major corporation. The company's URL is http://www.netdynamics.com/.


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