Wallop Software Ships Build-It 1.0

Industry's First Team-Based Web Application Assembly Environment

FOSTER CITY, CA, November 25, 1996 � Wallop Software, Inc. today announced the general availability of its flagship product Build-IT, version 1.0. With this announcement, Wallop Software is delivering on its commitment to bring productivity, maintainability, and scalability to the development of large-scale Web applications. The enterprise version of Build-IT is priced at $2,495 per seat and is available by calling 415-341-1177. Additionally, a fully functional evaluation copy of Build-IT is available from Wallop�s home page at http://www.wallop.com/products/prod_download_form.html.

While most Web authoring tools are focused on individual developers building single application components (such as HTML pages, Java applets, ActiveX controls, perl scripts, GIF images, or database forms), Build-IT allows teams of developers and content creators to work collaboratively to build the components, assemble them into cohesive applications, deploy them, and maintain them. Build-IT is the only product that enables individual developers to use their authoring tools of choice to create application components while simultaneously working with team members to assemble the massive set of resulting components into robust and reliable Web applications. Within the Build-IT environment, Web applications can be extended, updated, and re-organized effortlessly to reflect constantly changing business requirements.

"Today Wallop delivers the first phase of a comprehensive product vision focused on collaborative assembly and maintenance of Web applications," said Robert Bolt, chief executive officer of Wallop Software. "In order for corporate Intranets to become the platform of choice for deploying business applications, the application development process must become orderly, and must enable individuals using a variety of tools to work collaboratively. Wallop is focused on solving the problems of Web application development and maintenance by providing a common environment for the team to build, assemble, and maintain Web applications."

"Corporate Web site applications become increasingly difficult to manage and maintain in direct proportion to the site's growing complexity and value to the organization," said Chris Shipley, publisher and editor of DEMOLetter, a leading newsletter for the personal technology market. "As ever-larger and diverse teams work to build corporate Web applications, they need a tool like Build-IT to solve integration and asset tracking problems by providing a common site building environment for the team."

Build-IT provides a wide variety of unique benefits to developers:

Wallop Build-IT System Requirements

The Wallop Build-IT application assembly environment is available on Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 operating systems. The processor must be 486/66 or higher and 10MB free hard disk space must be available. Applications developed with Build-IT deploy to Apache, Netscape, Microsoft, and Oracle Web servers on UNIX and Windows NT operating systems.

Wallop Software, Inc.

Wallop Software, Inc. is an emerging leader in Intranet application development whose mission is to provide products and services specifically designed to meet the specialized needs of corporate developers building Intranet applications. Wallop Build-IT provides a revolutionary Web application assembly environment that enables developers to integrate best-of-breed development tools and objects from the leading vendors to build, deploy, and maintain a new generation of business applications specifically designed for the Intranet. Founded in 1995, Wallop Software is headquartered at 1155 Triton Drive, Foster City, CA 94404. Wallop's home page is located at: http://www.wallop.com/default.htm.


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