AT&T responds to Internet announcement from MCI

BASKING RIDGE, N.J. -- NOVEMBER 21, 1994 -- AT&T responded today to inquiries from the media regarding an Internet announcement from MCI with the following statement:

"MCI has announced a plan, not a service, so it's difficult to say how customers may benefit.

"Meanwhile, AT&T is giving both business people and consumers new and easy ways to communicate on the Internet and on dozens of other systems worldwide.

"For example, since last March, business customers have been able to obtain nationwide Internet access through AT&T InterSpan Services. InterSpan Frame Relay customers also have access to the FirstSearch catalog, which easily searches 41 databases in science, business, engineering and the humanities. AT&T EasyLink Services provides a gateway to the Internet for subscribers of its electronic mail service. Internic services from AT&T is a central repository for information about the Internet, including a Directory of Directories, and has been available for more than a year. AT&T also has its own large site on the World Wide Web that includes an 800 Directory listing more than 150,000 business and consumer items.

"AT&T has announced the formation of its Consumer Interactive Services unit, which will offer a family of interactive services to people at home and on the go. The ImagiNation Network, a nationwide interactive entertainment service that AT&T has announced plans to acquire, and AT&T PersonaLink Services are the first examples of how AT&T is making electronic services easy, fun and affordable. For example, today PersonaLink Services subscribers enjoy what may be the easiest directory and addressing services available for communicating on the Internet as well as on other messaging systems worldwide, with the help of intelligent assistants. PersonaLink Services customers soon will enjoy shopping and a variety of information and transaction services as well."

Gail Silver - AT&T PersonaLink Services

Kevin Compton - AT&T PersonaLink Services

Ed Lopez - AT&T EasyLink Services

Mary Whelan - AT&T Business Communications Services