AT&T to provide AT&T InterSpan access to Microsoft Network

LAS VEGAS -- NOVEMBER 15, 1994 -- AT&T today announced it has been selected to provide subscriber access to Microsoft's on-line service--The Microsoft Network. AT&T's InterSpan(R) Information Access Service (IAS) will provide ubiquitous access to The Microsoft Network service for PC users at dial- up modem speeds ranging from 300 bps up to 14.4kbps.

"We chose AT&T InterSpan IAS as the primary access vehicle because of its superior performance in terms of reliability and connection speed along with the cost effective advantages of its versatile nationwide coverage, " said Russ Siegelman, general manager, Microsoft On-Line Services. "The AT&T solution will mean in most cases toll-free or very minimal local access charges for our customers."

The AT&T InterSpan(R) Frame Relay Service backbone for this access network, provides a unique architecture within the asynchronous dial-up industry. This, coupled with robust network recovery mechanisms and highly sophisticated rerouting schemes, enables AT&T to ensure superior access performance to Microsoft and its new on-line service customers.

"Continuing to take the reliability and flexibility of our data services to new heights, is a part of our overall customer commitment," said Dave Hood, AT&T Director of InterSpan Services. "We are gratified that Microsoft recognizes the added value of choosing AT&T as the primary access provider for its premiere on-line service."

AT&T InterSpan Information Access Service is one of the InterSpan family of data communications solutions, which also includes InterSpan Frame Relay Service, and InterSpan ATM service. For customer information on any of these AT&T services please call 1-800-248-3632.

Michael Granieri