PSI Introduces World-Dial Remote Dialup Access to Office and The Global Internet

RESTON, VA, April 23, 1993 -- Mobile workers and telecommuters can access their workplace or any Internet computer using PSI's inexpensive dialup service announced this week.

Performance Systems International, Inc. (PSI), the nation's largest provider of commercial Internet access and internetworking services, has launched World-Dial in more than 40 cities across the U.S.

With it, users can reach their corporate site's local area network (LAN)with its computers and data resources or Internet host computers all over the world from home computers, terminals or portable laptops. World-Dial is a means of extending access to users who are away from the office but still need the resources of their office and the Internet.

World-Dial can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no extra charge for telephone or electronic mail support from PSI's Customer Support Group (CSG).

Pricing for World-Dial includes a one-time registration fee of $19 and non-prime time usage rates as low as $1.25 an hour. There is a minimum monthly usage fee of $9.

World-Dial supports all the standard Internet interactive terminal access protocols, such as telnet and rlogin. In addition, telnet 3270(or tn3270), a standard for IBM 3270 access over TCP/IP, is supported for those IBM hosts attached to the Internet.

For network graphics users, the commercial standard of XRemote is supported, numerous X-terminals and X-terminal software packages support it on personal computers.

To access World-Dial, users need only a terminal or communications package such as Cross Talk, MacTerminal or Kermit for PC or Macintosh, and a modem. World-Dial supports 1200, 2400, 9600 and 14400 baud access, along with V.42 and V.42bis error correction and compression on all 9600 and 14400 baud rotaries.

If users have an X-terminal or X-software package supports XRemote, then the addition of a modem should provide them with Internet X access at 9600 (V.32) or 14400 baud (V.32bis).

PSINet is nationally deployed with V.32bis modems; in the future, V.Fast will be available.

PSI is a value-added internetworking services provider with a wide variety of services for individual and corporate users of electronic information. Services range from electronic mail products to turnkey integration of local area networks into the PSINet wide area network system and the Internet.

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