BSDi Releases BSD/OS 4.2 Internet Server Edition

Now Includes Java 2 Standard Edition and KAME IPv6 and IPsec

Colorado Springs, Colo., November 29, 2000 -- BSDi announced today the immediate availability of BSD/OS Version 4.2 Internet Server Edition. The latest BSD/OS release supports Java 2 Standard Edition and incorporates the KAME IPv6 and IPsec implementations.

The Java 2 Runtime Environment (JRE) and Java Development Kit (JDK) are included in BSD/OS 4.2 to develop and deploy 100% Pure Java servlets and applications. IPv6 and IPsec (for both IPv4 and IPv6) implementations from the KAME Project represent an open industry standard effort of seven companies that contribute regularly to BSD development.

Other new features include VLAN (802.1Q, 802.3AC), wireless Ethernet 802.11 (Aironet/WaveLAN), new sound drivers, additional RAID support (AMI MegaRAID, Compaq), Linux Application Platform (LAP) support updated to support RedHat Linux 6.2, and FAT32 support for accessing portions of the hard disk used by the Windows Operating systems in dual boot configurations.

A single Web server powered by BSD/OS Internet Server Edition, can easily handle tens of millions of hits per day, said Mark Garver, Group Executive for BSDi's Internet Systems Division. With BSDi, Internet service providers, Web hosts and enterprises can set up Web farms with up to thousands of virtual Web sites on a single machine, complete with their own distinct Web and Email domains. Most importantly, our customers boast that their BSDi production servers run for years with zero downtime.

BSDi's BSD/OS Internet Server Edition is an all-in-one Internet server operating system that integrates a variety of Internet and Web server applications. These packages include the popular Apache Web server, Sendmail E-mail software, Squid caching http Web proxy and accelerator, Email (SMTP, POP3), TCP/IP, SLIP and PPP, multilink PPP, PAP and CHAP support, file transfers (FTP), NFS, DNS, USENET News (INN) and X11 servers and clients.

BSDi's shrink-wrapped Internet Server Edition is built on the reliable, secure and scalable BSD/OS operating system and Internet networking technologies. IP rate control enables network administrators to manage the bandwidth consumed by IP traffic leaving the server and to allocate network bandwidth to each hosted Web site. Linux Application Platform (LAP) Support supports Linux applications and services. The intuitive KDE graphical user interface, the easy-to-use Metro-X Server, and Xfree86 X Server 4.0.1 are included. Also included is robust, high-performance core functionality for symmetrical multiprocessor (SMP) server platforms. DES Encryption and IPsec support allow users to cost-effectively integrate virtual private networks (VPNs) and industry-standard security conventions.

Pricing and Availability

BSD/OS 4.2 Internet Server Edition is available immediately for Intel and SPARC processor systems at a suggested retail price of $995.00. Source code licenses are also available.

About BSDi

BSDi delivers Internet infrastructure-grade systems, software and solutions backed by world-renowned professional services and support. BSDi systems power the Internet's most popular sites and highest volume providers. BSDi customers include Internet service providers (ISPs), application service providers (ASPs), Web hosting, data, and communications centers, corporate intranets, Internet appliance developers, Internet application developers, and hardware/system manufacturers and integrators including Yahoo, UUNET, Intel, and countless others. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, BSDi is located at 1-719-457-8400 or

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