EquityAlert.com Announces Investment Opinion, No. 6

VirtualSellers.com Loses 5.38% On News Of Agreement

NOTE TO EDITORS: The following is an investment opinion issued by EquityAlert.com

VANCOUVER, B.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 22, 2000--EquityAlert.com (OTCBB:EINC)--EquityAlert.com, Inc. (www.EquityAlert.com), one of the largest re-distributors of public company and mutual fund news alerts, today forwarded free real time news alerts on a wide range of OTCBB stocks.

Among the active issues available to our real time news alert subscribers so far today, Wednesday, November 22nd, were VirtualSellers.com Inc. (OTCBB: VDOT) and Inforum Communications Inc. (OTCBB: IFMC).

VirtualSellers.com Inc. had lost 5.38% at 10:30 AM EST today, after announcing that its wholly owned subsidiary, NorthStar TeleSolutions, has entered an agreement with National Satellite to provide a complete package of management services to Premier Home, a wholly owned subsidiary of Southern Co.

Inforum Communications Inc. issued a press release announcing a shift in business strategy that will allow the Company to focus solely on the continued development of its Internet security software subsidiary, 2Cactus Development, Inc.

Additional recent real time news alerts available to EquityAlert.com subscribers included Biotech Holdings Ltd. (OTCBB: BIOHF), Dauphin Technology Inc. (OTCBB: DNTK) and The Cyber Group Network Corp. (OTCBB: CGPN).

EquityAlert.com's real time public company news alerts is a free service that allows pro-active investors to receive email news alerts on the stocks they own or plan to own, thus allowing them to take advantage of potentially significant price moves that often follow time-sensitive news announcements.

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EquityAlert.com, a wholly owned online asset of EquityAlert.com, Inc. (Symbol: EINC), is one of the largest communities of online investors from around the world who receive real time news alerts on US and Canadian stocks, mutual fund news and information alerts, insider trading, earnings estimates and reports, broker consensus opinions, SEC filings, IPO information alerts and much more.

EquityAlert.com's real time public company news alerts are a free service that allows pro-active investors to receive email news alerts on the stocks they own or plan to own, thus allowing them to take advantage of potentially significant price moves that often follow time-sensitive news announcements.

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