BSDi to Deliver Packaged BSD Operating System Through Mainstream Retail Outlets

New Desktop Operating System Package Includes FreeBSD, Applixware Office Suite and Partition Magic

Linux Business Expo, Atlanta, GA, September 26, 2000 - BSDi announced the new BSD Desktop Edition to fill the growing demand for packaged BSD operating systems. The BSD Desktop Edition will be available at retail outlets including BestBuy, CompUSA, Fry's, MicroCenter, Staples, and RCS as well as BSDi's

The BSD Desktop Edition includes the latest releases of the popular FreeBSD open source operating system; Applixware Office Suite from VistaSource, a complete desktop productivity package including word processor, html authoring, spreadsheet, presentation manager, e-mail, and graphics; and Partition Magic from PowerQuest for running multiple operating systems on the same personal computer.

"The demand for BSD operating systems in the retail channel is increasing enormously," said Mark Garver, BSDi's Group Executive, Internet Systems Division. "We're bundling the BSD Desktop Edition with Applixware and Partition Magic to address the growing demand for BSD as a personal productivity and Internet development platform."

The BSD Desktop Edition includes a native BSD version of Applixware Office Suite 5.0 as a fast, stable personal productivity system. Partition Magic Special Edition enables effortless switching between multiple operating systems, allowing the user to divide a hard drive into several partitions for efficient organization of operating systems, programs, and data.

FreeBSD 4.1 offers the latest operating system enhancements and contains a number of significant advancements. Key enhancements to FreeBSD 4.1 include industry standard IPv6 and IPSec (for both IPv4 and IPv6) implementations from the KAME Project. Among many enhancements, FreeBSD 4.1 supports raccoon, the KAME IKE daemon, which has been shown to interoperate well with other vendor IKE systems, meaning that FreeBSD 4.1 can be used in a heterogeneous IPSEC environment. Additionally, FreeBSD 4.1 can now be installed on an IPv6-only network, such that IPv4 is not required.

FreeBSD comes standard with:

Other new features in FreeBSD 4.1 include:


The BSD Desktop Edition is priced at $129.99 and will be available in October, 2000.

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