Compaq Licenses BSDi's TCP/IP Stack for Nonstop Himalaya S-Series Servers

New Parallel Library TCP/IP Stack Boosts Application Performance and Increases Efficiency of Multiprocessing

LinuxWorld, San Jose, Calif., August 15, 2000 - Berkeley Software Design, Inc. (BSDi), the recognized leader in Internet infrastructure-grade systems, announced that Compaq Computer Corporation has licensed the BSD parallel library TCP/IP stack for use in Compaq's NonStop Himalaya S-Series computers. Compaq has announced this new version of TCP/IP as Parallel Library TCP/IP.

The BSD parallel library TCP/IP protocol stack features higher performance and Single IP. The stack delivers higher application performance and throughput by cutting almost one-third of the time it takes the processor to move from application state to protocol state. The Single IP feature enables multiple processes in different processors to have the same IP address. This unique patent-pending capability makes load distribution more efficient without resorting to costly external boxes that require additional external management.

Compaq Product Manager Wil Marshman said, "The BSD-based Parallel Library TCP/IP stack runs on our NonStop Himalaya servers used by the major ATM systems, stock brokerage firms, and others who require the highest levels of availability. The new TCP/IP stack is designed to co-exist with the current Himalaya TCP/IP stack so that it can be introduced in only part of the customer's operations, without recompilation or cold starts. This ensures a smooth and timely evolution to the new TCP/IP at the customer's preferred pace."

"Compaq's licensing of BSDi's TCP/IP stack illustrates the ongoing value that BSDi provides to Internet infrastructure-grade systems," said Mark Garver, BSDi's Group Executive, Marketing and Internet Systems Solutions. "We're pleased to see Compaq deploying the BSDi TCP/IP stack in their high-performance NonStop Himalaya S-Series servers, and we look forward to licensing other technology to Compaq to meet their needs in the future."

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