Berkeley Software Design Hires New CEO To Invigorate BSD Movement

Gary J. Johnson To Spearhead BSD Business Strategy

Colorado Springs, CO, Dec.13, 1999 -- Berkeley Software Design Inc. (BSDi), the commercial developer of the popular BSD operating system, Internet and networking technologies originally developed at the University of California, Berkeley, today announced that Gary J. Johnson has joined the company as chief executive officer.

"The appointment of Gary Johnson as our new CEO adds significant experience and leadership to the company's management team," said Marshall Kirk McKusick, BSDi's Chairman of the Board. "Johnson is a dynamic business leader who will serve to invigorate the BSD community in the race with other popular operating platforms."

Johnson previously served as BSDi's executive vice president of worldwide sales and marketing from 1994 to 1997, growing the company's revenues over 1000 percent. As CEO, he now assumes responsibilities for charting a 21st century business strategy for the company and its technology stream, products, and services.

Under Johnson's leadership, the company intends to leverage BSD's position as a preferred platform for the Internet infrastructure and popularize BSD to the level of awareness and acceptance that Linux currently enjoys. The strategy will include developing new products, services, and technology partnerships to serve ISPs, NSPs, ASPs, Internet appliance developers, eBusiness providers, and other emerging Internet infrastructure markets.

"BSDi's continued growth requires successfully capitalizing on BSD's strengths as a preferred platform for development in the open source community and deployment throughout today's pervasive Internet infrastructure," said Gary Johnson. "Our goal is to galvanize the worldwide BSD community by leveraging BSD's proven success as a leading platform for the applications, services and appliances that power the Internet economy."

Johnson has over 20 years experience in the Silicon Valley high technology industry. In addition to BSDi, he has held executive sales and senior operations management positions at IET Intelligent Electronics, The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. (SCO), Convergent Technologies (now UNISYS), Tandem Computers (now Compaq), and Fairchild Semiconductor.

About BSDi

Berkeley Software Design, Inc. (BSDi) develops, markets and supports advanced Internet operating system software solutions for systems, networks, appliances and users. Founded as a private commercial enterprise in 1991 by members of the Computer Systems Research Group at the University of California, Berkeley, BSDi has developed a rapidly growing business concentrated on delivering and supporting robust, stable BSD-powered systems software environments for the Intel platform. For more information, contact BSD at 800-800-4273 (+1 719-457-8400), e-mail, or visit

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