BSDi Ships New Version of BSDi Internet Super Server

Linux Application Support, IP Bandwidth Management and Advanced Security Features Extend BSDi Leadership in Advanced Internet Platforms

Colorado Springs, CO, Dec.13, 1999 -- Berkeley Software Design Inc. (BSDi) today announced the immediate availability of BSDi Internet Super Server 4.1. The latest release of BSDi Internet Super Server runs Linux applications, incorporates advanced IP bandwidth management, supports Network Address Translation (NAT), and includes many other advanced features.

Version 4.1 runs popular Linux applications, optimizes the performance of servers in virtual hosting roles, and enhances server security. BSDi Internet Super Server 4.1 demonstrates BSDi's commitment to applying technical depth to impeccable products and services for our worldwide user base. The following features and enhancements are included in Version 4.1:

Linux Application Platform
BSDi's Linux Application Platform (LAP) runs popular Linux applications and services, including Informix Database, Netscape Communicator, ApplixWare, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Real Player, and many others.

IP Bandwidth Management
BSD/OS now provides IP rate control, which enables network administrators to manage the bandwidth consumed by IP traffic leaving the server. This mechanism is designed to control bandwidth available to a client, or a group of clients. For example, in a Web hosting environment, IP rate control can be used to allocate network bandwidth to each hosted Web site.

Network Address Translation (NAT)
NAT enables a local area network (LAN) to use one set of IP addresses for internal traffic and a second set of addresses for external traffic. NAT conserves IP addresses, provides a type of firewall security, and enables changing ISPs without renumbering the internal network.

BSD/OS includes the latest version of this Internet standard Domain Name Service (DNS) implementation.

Bootable CD-ROMs
BSD/OS boots and installs directly from CD-ROM on supported systems. Bootable CD-ROMs may be created using tools included in BSD/OS.

Transparent FTP Proxy
The transparent FTP proxy enhances the security of FTP servers and clients when a firewall is being used and enables FTP to work in conjunction with NAT. Developers can easily create transparent proxies for other Internet services.

Flow Monitoring
Flow monitoring enables a network administrator to monitor network traffic, providing a valuable tool for designing and optimizing the network backbone and studying network utilization.

SCSI Ultra 2 Low Voltage Differential (LVD)
BSD/OS includes drivers that support Ultra 2/LVD controllers for greater reliability and transfer rates of up to 80 megabytes per second.

Larger Memory Configurations
BSD/OS supports large memory configurations (tested up to 3 gigabytes).

Cryptography and Authentication
BSD/OS includes a random number daemon that produces reasonably random numbers for use as cryptographic seeds and in authentication applications.

About BSDi Internet Super Server
BSDi Internet Super Server is an all-in-one product that combines the BSD/OS operating system with a full complement of Internet services to provide a complete Internet environment. These services include: Apache Web Server (HTTP), Squid caching http web proxy and accelerator, Electronic mail (SMTP, POP3), TCP/IP, SLIP and PPP, Multilink PPP, PAP and CHAP support, file transfers (FTP), NFS, DNS, USENET News (INN) and X11 servers and clients.

BSD/OS is an IEEE POSIX-compliant operating system for x86, Pentium, and Xeon processor families and compatible microprocessor architectures. BSDi's graphical administration tool, MaxIM, allows configuration and system maintenance through an intuitive Web browser front-end.

BSDi Internet Super Server 4.1 is available immediately.

About BSDi
Berkeley Software Design, Inc. (BSDi) develops, markets, and supports advanced Internet operating system software solutions for systems, networks, appliances and users. Founded as a private commercial enterprise in 1991 by members of the Computer Systems Research Group at the University of California, Berkeley, BSDi has developed a rapidly growing business concentrated on delivering and supporting robust, stable BSD-powered systems software environments for the Intel platform. For more information, contact BSD at 800-800-4273 (+1 719-457-8400), e-mail, or visit

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