BSDi Introduces Internet Super Server 4.0 With Advanced Web, E-Mail and E-Commerce Capability

Reliable, high-performance software ideal for ISPs and corporate Intranets

Colorado Springs, CO (August 17, 1998) -- Berkeley Software (BSDi) announces immediate availability of BSDi's newest Internet Server product - Internet Super Server 4.0. BSDi Internet Super Server 4.0 is a complete software package including operating system, services and tools for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and corporate Intranets. This new release provides web, e-mail, and e-commerce services while enhancing BSDi's reputation for superior reliability, support, and performance.

More than 3,000 of the 4,500 ISPs in the United States rely on BSDi's Internet Server because of its proven reliability and cost-effectiveness compared to proprietary systems. Many customers report BSDi servers running more than 500 straight days with zero downtime, even under heavy mission-critical loads.

Magic Software Development, Inc. uses BSD/OS exclusively as its platform for development and processing myriad financial transactions, from the verification of checks to automated clearing house transactions and electronic checking. Its BSDi-powered servers have been up continuously for as long as 19 months.

"Our No. 1 priority is the reliability and stability of the systems, and we have been very pleased with the stability and performance of BSD/OS," said Steven Freed, vice president, operations at Magic Software Development. "In short, the only reason these machines come down is to do maintenance or because of hardware failure. Our reputation and our livelihood depend on it."

Complete Solution

The BSDi Internet Super Server is a complete solution that even first-time users can employ to set up and operate advanced Web and Internet/Intranet sites. Internet Super Server 4.0 includes the world's most popular web and e-mail servers - Apache Web Server and Sendmail e-mail with spam protection. Electronic commerce - including real- time credit card processing & storefront/catalog development tools - is provided by Htmlscript Corporation's Miva Engine and Miva Merchant.

Several other commercial packages including's Post.Office e-mail, Raima's Velocis database, and the Visual Programming Environment, Inc. (VPE) WebBUILDER website design tools are in the package. Common Internet servers like FTP, DNS, and Netnews are also included. The product utilizes BSDi's MaxIM graphical management user interface for quick and easy installation and configuration. For secure e-commerce transactions, Netscape FasTrack with SSL is available from the BSDi FTP site.

New Features

Internet Super Server 4.0 offers higher performance with multiprocessing on popular Intel motherboards, support for Compaq RAID systems, dramatically improved file system performance for busy e-mail and NNTP news servers, and faster virtual hosting.

BSDi has added additional networking features in Internet Super Server 4.0 with one of the first commercial implementations of the IPv6 protocol, for larger Internet address space. And BSDi is among the first to incorporate the IPX/IP gateway packet exchange and Netware-compatible file and print services standard into its operating system, for seamless compatibility in Novell environments. This new release also supports ELF object file format and dynamic linking to benefit software developers.


BSDi's Internet Server includes several state-of-the-art security features that make it a perfect fit for Internet communications, including electronic commerce transactions and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). The new ISS's security improvements include IPsec, ISAKMP key management, a fully programmable IP Packet Filter, and BSD authentication enhancements. Security conscious firewall vendors including Network Associates and Secure Computing use BSDi Internet Servers at the heart of their products.

Industry Leadership

With this announcement BSDi leads the industry by implementing the latest Internet standards on a complete, reliable and well supported platform. BSDi offers this complete solution and all of these bundled capabilities for one low price, rather that charging for each component, as most vendors do. And, like prior versions, the company's industrial strength Internet/Intranet platform continues to run on affordable PC hardware.

About BSDi

Berkeley Software Design, Inc. is the commercial supplier of the high-performance BSD/OS and networking software originally developed at the University of California, Berkeley. Internet experts worldwide are powering the networked economy with over 80,000 servers running BSDi software engines and applications. BSDi products include BSDi Internet Super Server, MailFilter anti-spam appliance, and e/BSD embedded networking software for network appliance developers. BSDi customers include Adobe, Ascend Communications, Chase Manhattan, CompuServe, Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ), Telia, UUNET, U.S. West, WorldCom, Volvo and thousands of leading Internet Service Providers worldwide. BSDi is a privately held company based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. For more information, phone (719) 593-9445, email, or visit the company's Web site at