BSDI Upgrades its Internet Operating System and Services

BSD Internet Server 3.1 Features Updated Internet Services, Improved Security, and New Hardware Drivers

Colorado Springs, Co. (December. 10, 1997) - Berkeley Software Design, Inc. (BSDI) announced today immediate availability of BSDI Internet Server 3.1, the latest release of its complete OS and Internet services solution for Internet Service Providers, Internet Backbone Providers, and corporate intranets. This newest release delivers updated services, improved Internet security, higher reliability, and several new popular hardware drivers.

About BSDI Internet Server 3.1

BSDI Internet Server 3.1 is a complete software solution for Internet service providers (ISPs) and corporate intranets. It delivers a full complement of Internet services, including the world's most popular web servers from Apache and Netscape; Netscape's Navigator Gold browser; an SMTP email server; DNS, a high performance "squid" http caching proxy server; NNTP news server; FTP; router; SLIP and PPP remote access; RADIUS and Kerberos authentication services; TCP/IP protocols; NFS and SMB file services; hundreds of utilities; and drivers for a wide range of popular PC systems and peripherals. All in one box.

"BSDI is a robust, full-featured operating system that is being carefully crafted by its developers into what might become the ultimate Internet service provider platform" continues Sean Fulton, Technical Reviewer at InternetWorld Magazine, "Its performance in our benchmark tests was stellar, scaling gracefully under load and handling more connections per second than any other operating system we tested. The system comes with every major software package required to set up and maintain an Internet presence on a single, high-performance machine". See for details.

"Our environment includes SunOS, Solaris, NT and BSDI systems. Netscape server applications running on BSDI systems give us exceptional power and flexibility. We're deploying the Netscape-BSDI solution for both our internal intranet hosting requirements and as an Internet service delivery platform." Says Eric Bozich, Director of Core Services Development, !NTERPRISE Networking Services - US WEST

Designed for use with off-the-shelf PC hardware, BSDI Internet Server 3.1 costs thousands of dollars less than slower systems running on proprietary hardware. Its speed, reliability, and security make it a dominant solution in high-traffic Web sites at over 40% of the world's Internet Service Providers, and in thousands of corporate intranets.

Updated Services, Utilities, and New Hardware Drivers in This Release

This release includes the latest versions of the SAMBA (SMB) Windows-compatible file system, the Xi Graphics X server, DNS BIND, Lynx, and Emacs for improved security and reliability. It also includes improved support of POSIX threads.

BSDI Internet Server 3.1 includes new device drivers for popular hardware such as Compaq's NetFlex-3 Ethernet Adapter and 3COM's 3C905 Etherlink XL and Fast Etherlink XL. And device drivers have been updated for the Intel EtherExpress Pro 100B, DPT RAID 0, 1 and 5, NE2000 PCI, and Zynx Network adapters.

Optional Source Code and Consulting Expertise Available for Advanced Internet Solutions

For companies developing applications, advanced Internet solutions, and embedded appliances, optional full source code is available for BSDI Internet Server 3.1. This code is augmented with a complete set of tools, including C and C++ compilers, debuggers, profilers, utilities, and open-standards based networking technologies. Developers can develop and deploy on the same platform - for fast time-to-market; and the source code is modular so developers license just what's needed - for lowest cost.

In addition, BSDI can offer customers advanced technical support, consulting, and systems integration services from the original developers of the BSD Operating System.

The result is fast, economical development with a full array of support, tools and Internet technologies.

Third-Party Vendor Support

BSDI Internet Server 3.1 provides the ideal high performance server platform for a variety of Internet applications. Included with the Internet Server are Netscape FastTrack Server with SSL Extensions and NSAPI Support, HTMLSCRIPT Corporation's Server-Safe CGI-bin preprocessor and the Velocis Database Server by Raima Corporation.

Other available applications include Netscape SuiteSpot Servers, VPE WebBUILDER, (a Rapid Application Development Environment), Expressions Server by eShare Technologies, (Commercial Chat Hosting), HTMLSCRIPT Corporation's MIVA, (Server-Safe CGI-bin preprocessor with FoxPro compatible database),'s Post.Office Mail Server and Mail List Manager with Anti-Spam features, as well as BlueCoast's WebCalendar which provides Workgroup and Resource Scheduling.

Where BSDI is Headed

In early 1998, the company plans to deliver the following:

Improved Functionality

Higher Performance

Better Security

Support for IPX Environments

Hardware Compatibility Improvements

BSDI is working with partners to develop advanced solutions for Internet fax, security, database, and e-commerce.

BSDI is executing a major multi-platform initiative to support OEMs developing embedded applications for Internet appliances such as network computers, firewalls, routers, switches, web accelerators, telephony servers, VPN servers, website load- balancers, specialty servers and controllers.

Availability and Pricing

BSDI Internet Server 3.1 is available immediately. Starting at $995 (U.S.$, suggested retail price), BSDI sells Internet Server directly, as well as through distributors and resellers such as MicroAge, Patriot Technologies, Telenet System Solutions Inc. and Perot Systems in the U.S.; SeaChange in Canada; Macnica in Japan; PeaPod in the UK; Genua in Germany and Infima in Prague.

More About BSDI

Berkeley Software Design Inc. is the commercial supplier of the high-performance BSD Internet and networking system software originally developed at the University of California, Berkeley. Internet experts worldwide are powering the networked economy with over 75,000 deployed servers running BSDI software engines and applications. BSDI products for Intel-based PC platforms include the BSDI Internet Server, BSD/OS, and embedded networking software for networking appliance developers. BSDI customers include Adobe Systems, Chase Manhattan Bank, CompuServe, US West, UUnet Technologies, Volvo and thousands of leading Internet Service Providers worldwide. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colo., BSDI is a privately held company. For more information, contact BSDI at 719-593-9445, or

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