BSDI Delivers Easy-To-Use, High-Performance Internet Server for PC Platforms

BSDI 3.0 Integrates Graphical Administration, Netscape and Apache Web Servers, Software.Com's Post.Office, Accelerated Web and Network Performance, Service-Protection Security, and More

Colorado Springs, CO (February 26, 1997) - Berkeley Software Design, Inc. (BSDI) announced today the immediate availability of BSDI Internet Server Version 3.0 for Intel platforms. The new BSDI release comes complete with the industry's most popular Web servers - Netscape's FastTrack and Apache - and a 10-user license for's Post.Office E-mail server. BSDI 3.0 provides easy administration, top performance, and exceptional security for the most demanding Internet, Intranet, and enterprise gateway environments. BSDI 3.0 includes BSDI's new MaxIM graphical administration manager, BSDI's Web performance and service-protection software, enhanced TCP/IP networking, and Web and Internet/Intranet development tools.

"BSDI 3.0 is the state-of-the-art in Internet system software for high-traffic Web sites, enterprise gateways, Intranets, and Internet Service Providers," said Rob Kolstad, Ph.D., President of BSDI. "MaxIM, our intuitive graphical administration tool, enables even first-time Internet sytems managers to take full advantage of BSDI's exceptional stability, security, and performance. The inclusion of Netscape FastTrack and's Post.Office enables enterprises of every size and type to enjoy the confidence of deploying popular commercial software technologies on affordable BSDI-powered Intel platforms."

"BSDI is the fastest and most stable Internet server for the Intel platform," said Lisun Joao, Second Vice President, Technology at Chase Manhattan Bank. "Comparing NT with BSDI is essentially a no-brainer. NT is not totally reliable for many Internet services. The BSDI boxes never go down."

"Our environment includes SunOS, Solaris, NT, and BSDI systems," said Eric Bozich, Director of Core Services Development for the !NTERPRISE Networking Services unit at U.S. West. "Netscape server applications running on BSDI systems give us exceptional power and flexibility. We're deploying the Netscape-BSDI solution both for our internal Internet hosting requirements and as an Internet service delivery platform."

Graphical System Administration

BSDI's new MaxIM graphical Internet manager uses the familiar Web browser interface to make it easy to install, configure, and maintain a BSDI-powered server. MaxIM's modular interface simplifies administrative tasks while maintaining the configuration files familiar to experienced UNIX system administrators.

Bulletproof Web Performance

BSDI 3.0 combines world-class Web performance with a bulletproof TCP/IP stack to ensure rapid, reliable content delivery. A caching HTTP proxy and accelerator conserves network bandwidth while speeding content to users. BSDI 3.0 incorporates BSDI's highly regarded service-protection enhancements that allow a BSDI-powered server to withstand the denial-of-service attacks that have recently plagued the Internet. The BSDI service-protection software also enables an Internet Service Provider to prevent its site from being used to launch these attacks.

BSDI 3.0's Ready-to-Go Web and Internet/Intranet Services

BSDI 3.0 includes the industry's most extensive integration of advanced software needed to deliver industrial-strength Web and Internet/Intranet services:


BSDI Internet Server 3.0 includes 60 days of technical support and a money-back guarantee. Binary licenses for 16 users, 64 users and unlimited users as well as source licenses are available. BSDI Internet Server 3.0 is available immediately.

About Berkeley Software Design, Inc.

Berkeley Software Design, Inc. is the commercial supplier of the high-performance BSD Internet and networking system software originally developed at the University of California, Berkeley. Internet experts worldwide are powering the networked economy with over 25,000 deployed servers running BSDI software engines and applications. BSDI products include BSDI Internet Server, BSDI GroupGate, and BSD/OS and networking software for network appliance developers. BSDI customers include Adobe Systems, Chase Manhattan Bank, CompuServe, U.S. WEST, UUNET Technologies, Volvo, and leading Internet Service Providers worldwide. BSDI is privately held and headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Contact BSDI at 800-800-4273, 719-593-9445,, or

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