The OpenBSD 2.0 release

Ok, the OpenBSD 2.0 release is basically ready and available.  For
this release we did not support all the architectures, rather only
those which we could do really well.  Next time around we will likely
support more architectures (if you want one supported in the next
release, now is the time to get involved)

The well supported platforms are

For more general information, start reading at

For this release, a few tiny glitches might yet get fixed if we run
into them.  (For instance, I re-created the i386 floppies with support
for the 3c59x and 3c9xx ethernet cards as soon as a solution for that
problem was found).

An OpenBSD CD will likely be available in a month or so.  X11
distributions are also available (XFree86 is now supporting OpenBSD as
being distinct from NetBSD, since we have some extended keymap support
and made some other changes).

In the meantime, the release pieces are available on all the ftp
mirrors.  Go for it, and have fun.  We've had fun creating it.  On
most platforms the install is quite a bit like the NetBSD install,
with a few tiny improvements. lists a number of ftp mirrors.  If
this list is missing any ftp hosts, please let us know and we will add
them to the list.

On each of the mirrors, the 2.0 release can be found in

As far as security goes, OpenBSD is pretty much #1. As such it is an
excellent choice for firewalls and www servers; a lot of people who
know security are running it in such a role.  We intend to keep OpenBSD
in in this position -- security is one of our niches.

In the meantime, we are already on the road towards 2.1.