Kodak Buys 7% Stake In California Maker Of Workstations

The Wall Street Journal

October 26, 1984

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- Sun Microsystems Inc. said Eastman Kodak Co. purchased a 7% stake in Sun for $20 million.

Sun, a closely held maker of graphics workstations for technical professionals, was founded in February 1982. It had sales of $39 million in the fiscal year ended June 30, 1984, up from $9 million the previous year.

"We feel Sun is a very attractive investment that provides Kodak with a window on a strategic market with substantial growth potential," said a spokesman for the Rochester, N.Y.-based producer of photographic products.

Scott McNealy, president and chief executive officer of Sun, said the link with Kodak "positions us well for the growth and development programs we are undertaking at Sun today and anticipate in the future."

The investment represents another expansion by Kodak into electronic imaging markets. A Kodak spokesman said the investment also will strengthen its relationship with Sun, which is already a supplier to Kodak. The spokesman said he couldn't disclose the nature or purpose of the supplier relationship for competitive reasons.

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